December 26, 2013

Chinese Brush for Writing Calligraphy

Chinese Brush for Writing Calligraphy (Photo credit: epSos.de)

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Dated 2 January 2014

Alfred Thayer Mahan was a United States Navy flag officer, geostrategist, and historian, who has been called “the most important American strategist of the nineteenth century.” His concept of “sea power” was based on the idea that countries with greater naval power will have greater worldwide impact” Wikipedia

In navigating the Chinese civilization from its early beginning to the latest developments, one can only express an immense interest in the richness of the process and the ramifications of this, into world affairs through centuries.

Since the early Heaven’s Mandate to the Warren States and up to the Popular Republic, progress never stopped in debating ideas and policies.  Confucius, Zhuanghzi ,  Laozi, Han Fei and other prominent thinkers  or politicians as Chairman Mao, Zhou en Lai, Deng Xiaoping, up to President Xi nowadays, the miracle  continues.

Humanity established in the Chinese hinterland with a desire to develop a decent life, and it grew its sustaining aspects from agriculture to satellite navigational systems.

The Chinese human evolution curve determined a US policy called “Pivot to Asia” where assets are placed to monitor and or counter recent events represented in the Chinese maritime expansion.

In truth Chinese exports from the eastern coast as much as the trip of gold from west to east are all necessary to the widening of the trade platform on global basis, hence there is no surprise in the Chinese desire to protect its own sea lanes by a vanguard  fleet of vessels and submarines.

I imagine one day the Chinese military fleet paying port calls to Alexandria and to Rio de Janeiro, alike of a Chinese exchange of knowhow with the Iranian Stock Market exchange which is souring since June 2013.

The connection in Chinese and Iranian affairs is very positive and consequential for the human development; therefore rapprochement between Eurasian powers and its effects on western global institutional model should be thoughtfully updated.

Perhaps Sea entrepreneurs will plan soon a Luxurious cruise from Saadiyat Island to Kish to Beirut, Bali and to Shanghai docking in front of the Peace Hotel.

Masters of thought are keen to consider that present difficulties in the Chinese and Iranian economy, should be transformed into global opportunities rather than a local exploitation of regional crisis, to cement the national edifice of governors incapable to propose the right solutions.

Internal duality is in the essence of the Oriental magnitude and philosophy: is it predominance or openness the thread leading to acceptance and peace?

Alexander the Great, as per novels, ended in the Oriental Paradise of Latte and Honey, a great warrior appeased in the kingdom of sweetness.  A course if reversed where eastern flow of advancement will proceed to western Hemisphere will necessarily at some point accuse either fatigue or will be diluted with locals.

The latest policies announced in the Chinese polity and the recent radical changes in the Iranian national panorama, do tell us that security and consumption are intertwined.

Supporting china and Iran to secure peacefully their own countries and trace their own roles on the world platform is not an easy task, yet not an impossible one even.

This will necessitate a proactive western flexibility that extends beyond conservative thinking and usual books.

Security for all includes Israel and the Palestinian nation also, therefore the track is solid that a reinforcement of military assets when used with purpose, will bring about intelligent compromises, or else it will wreak havoc.

The oriental duality between the Quds Force and Rouhani’s vision is much similar in its visibility, to the diversity between Confucius and Chairman Mao.  The nuclear file handling breaking through a bomb? and the encroachment in the seas and the skies leading to hegemony or to acceptance?

Yielding results in China and Iran, consists for both, in finding their internal unified way to deliver to the world a method and a synchrony.

We know that Russia secured an oil exploration deal with the Syrian State represented by a murderer who lacks legitimacy to represent his people in a new mandate; and this is an example for Lebanon to follow suit by securing a deal for oil offshore.

In Lebanon the Taef accord had different brokers, the two most gravitational were Syria and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but now that Syria is under strife, it is obvious that the Lebanese national accord should be revised.

Phoenicians sailed north, south and west, as much as Romans reached England, eventually both succumbed to History.

The Lebanese theater is so complex, and my proposal in the national accord is to have a rotation in the roles of PM and speaker while enhancing the powers of the president by adding  the option of calling for general elections whenever the political climate doesn’t allow an exit to political parties. The constitution should be revised and the referenda need to take place on defining matters. Defending the social tissue and coexistence will be the primary mission of the Lebanese constitutional legality.

Maybe the historic reason behind the conservation of the Persian and Chinese duality is because they both didn’t overstretch in becoming maritime powers.

The challenge for China and Iran is to sail in history in the modern era, transforming the duality into a creative diversity. A dilemma they share with the Lebanese in need for a neutral government to revise the constitution and with Israel incapable to hand a nation to the Palestinians.

Security is a requirement for all, from Beirut to Beijing, ( b2b).

“ The need to record information from large business transactions while traveling the seas pushed Phoenicians to abandon the complicated Sumerian cuneiform system and develop their own set of characters……… Although these wealthy traders dominated the seas, they were not as fortunate on land. For nearly half a century, ancient Phoenicia was occupied by foreign powers.”  http://www.netplaces.com/middle-east-guide/the-cradle-of-civilization/the-phoenicians.htm

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December 14, 2013

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“The financial crisis of 2007–2008, also known as the Global Financial Crisis and 2008 financial crisis, is considered by many economists the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. It resulted in the threat of total collapse of large financial institutions, the bailout of banks by national governments, and downturns in stock markets around the world. In many areas, the housing market also suffered, resulting in evictions, foreclosures and prolonged unemployment.” Wikipedia about Financial Crisis of 2007 – 2008.


At the first beginning of the economic crisis in 2008, there was a debate about the role of the public institutions in setting a path for recovery, where the private sector showed clearly feeble initiative and a lot of impotence.


Debates were recorded, and many questions were raised about the way how the state should interfere to help the economy.


Quantitative Easing was launched on several reprisals, and the objective was set that to counter the housing crisis used to mark to market, the correct approach was to recover the labor sector.


At the time all public efforts were necessary and led to a better consumer confidence today, although the cost is an immense debt that perhaps can be adjusted only by growth, capability to project persuading power without committing in draining expenses, budget maneuver and fiscal vision.


Today we are at a crossroad; it is high time for the taper to start as the requirement is to move forward for a new beginning.


It is a fact that there are anomalies in the job market, registered especially, in presently comparing the U3 and the U6 after decades of statistics, showing a trend in that comparison. It goes without saying that easing the money spurs a spirit of relaxation rather of sweat and desire to startup, hence the difference between U3 and U 6 in my perception.


Therefore the approach isn’t anymore to mark a level in jobless percentage at 7 % but to have a market consumption that will revive the entrepreneurial desire to create self employment and enterprise.


This is the Fed’s DAO.


From above markets must rest their demands and be convinced that the taper had already started, what remains to be verified is to move forward steering the velocity and the intensity.


Next week in the meeting Federal Reserve Committee, a slow yet gradual and predictable taper will start by reducing initially the buying by 5 billion dollars.


The stock market will not be negatively influenced not even the US exports, and my opinion is that the EUR/ USD will be ranging between 1.32 / 1.34 during 2014, and the stock market will see the Dow at record highs of 19000.


Business will be as usual and the next taper will be announced in February.


Wishing Happy Holidays to the International markets,


“ A white horse is not a horse “  EDX.ORG ( Chinese Course )


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OIL @ 250 or the only option today?

November 22, 2013

United States

United States (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

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“The experience of “beauty” often involves an interpretation of some entity as being in balance and harmony with nature, which may lead to feelings of attraction and emotional well-being. Because this can be a subjective experience, it is often said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Wikipedia

It is a source of comfort that the negotiations related to the Iranian nuclear file, will set a comprehensive agreement as a new objective.

The interim deal concept is wrong and it was generating much instability, whatever its nature could be.

This instability was likely leading to a unilateral Israeli decision, that would have as side effects a direct confrontation between Iran, Iraq and KSA, sending Oil prices to 250 $.

In fact the interim deal brokered by Russia, would disrupt the US strategy in the ME applied for decades, sending Oil prices to skyrocket and disrupting supplies as per Iranian/Gulf Monarchies clashes.

I am happy though that we saved the USA twice, the first time by trading the attack on Syria with the CW dismantlement keeping in place the objectives of building on Geneva 1, with a transitional government in Syria without Assad. And the second time by trading the interim deal with a strategic comprehensive agreement to be discussed, yet as per the vision already enunciated on the pages of this same blog.

In my view, considering the shrinking population and working force in Russia, and adding the OIL and Gas exports contribution to the GNP, we can easily understand how an interim agreement will be in the best interest of Russia mainly, more than any commercial deal thought by western corporations.

Above all the US administration should also consider that an interim deal would have thrown Gulf Monarchies and Israel alike, in the hands of China which is a great power, suffering a major economic setback from high Oil prices.

The interim deal could blow the US policy of an Asian/Pacific pivot before it takes the required contour, by opening a massive Chinese network in the Mediterranean. The US would have lost its queen in the first openings of the Chess pacific pivot.

From above we can easily realize that while Russia and China will benefit from the interim deal, in different manners, the US would need to deploy costly assets to adjust for a Status- Quo ante, a Dietro – front futile and unnecessary in all cases.

So here comes the Global/US interest in pursuing a comprehensive agreement with Iran, within 3 months, and failure to do this will portray the US in a plan B consisting of further tightening of harsh sanctions.

The only option today is to amplify the diplomatic reach for 3 months until end of February, in a strong desire to achieve a comprehensive agreement.

The beauty of life .

Life is a characteristic that distinguishes objects that have signaling and self-sustaining processes from those that do not, either because such functions have ceased (death), or else because they lack such functions and are classified as inanimate. “ Wikipedia

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Hope and Belief

November 18, 2013

English: Israel & Iran Flages

English: Israel & Iran Flages (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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“Hope is the state which promotes the desire of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one’s life or in the world at large” Wikipedia


It is a fact that both the US and Iran are going through dire economic woes, obliging both countries to search, for the best suitable bilateral deal, that will project each nation in its designed strategic approach, while  pursuing their own national interests.


The financial easing in the US since Chairman Greenspan, was perhaps genuinely seeking to spur growth, yet the grave effects of the housing bubble produced an unprecedented and still enduring crisis.


Whenever we add to this bubble, the mismanagement of the Iraq post-intervention and the disastrous effects of the US corporate outsourcing, here we are in the actual job crisis showing no sign of recovery.


At this stage and after huge easing, what the FED needs to do is to taper in a gradual and predictable pattern, simply because the cure is not anymore through financial remedy, rather it is by a wide reform of the system, and a better distribution of the richness.


What is on demand, is a new generation of small and middle enterprises, run by young entrepreneurs, that have both hope and belief, and that they can change and reform an American system that is standing still.


Regulations, relaxations and taxation are the key to move forward, and this can be done only when young representatives will gain the trust of the people.


In Iran, the nuclear research is considered to be a pillar of the national security, imposed by the aftermath of the Iraq/Iran war, hence immense resources are spent on this project. The nuclear project is leading, to economic disarray, to a chaotic power projection and to an isolation of major proportions.


From a strategic and diplomatic stand point, there might be commonality between the US/Iran today and the US/China during the Nixon presidency, however the imperfect analogy is much imperfect.


China had a bordering foe in the USSR and it had a nuclear status. By contrast, Iran yesteryear’s foe (Iraq) dissolved and it is still working incessantly, to enter with minimum cost the nuclear club.


The analogy is more evident, in the desire of both Iran and Israel to be secure, and this mortal insecurity is leading the ME into an apocalyptic scenario.


Israel from one side, willing to disintegrate the crescent and Iran from another, willing to impose a Persian strategic concept, through a Shiite revisited dogma.


The US adds fuel, by its own interpretation of the national interest, where pivoting to Asia/Pacific in tandem with disengaging from the ME, represents the policy of the current administration.


A US policy thought to lower costs and to advance growth and jobs at home, even if results are tardy to be manifested and achieved.


In view of the disorder in the crescent, and the geopolitical importance of the Caspian, the US shift to the Pacific will alter significantly the global equilibrium for a decade or so.


The US is caught between a rock and a hard place; from one side being very close to oil sufficiency doesn’t strengthen it on the short run. Apparently the US international maneuver by exiting the ME will inevitably enforce other powers, e.g. China, Russia or France. And from another side, it will endanger the security needs of its regional friends and allies mainly Egypt, Gulf Monarchies, Pakistan, Israel and Lebanon.


While seeking to play a balancing role, in truth the US is failing to produce a stable model in a delicate area. The US is today visibly shifting towards seeking any deal to exit the ME.


We know that there is a perfect deal, a practical deal and a foul’s deal. France is working on a 4 points deal which is very effective, to be introduced on November 20th in Geneva.


Obviously this scenario of a US deal at any cost with Iran to exit the ME, will mean the rise of the rest on the middle run, be these Russia, China, Iran, Israel, France or the trio Pakistan/Egypt/KSA.


It is unclear in this crucial phase how things will develop, yet the hope is that the US withdrawal will not cause the same chaos that was witnessed in Vietnam years ago, or in Iraq and in Afghanistan recently.


A tragedy of unknown proportions is in the making, where refugees and disorder will embark in the Levant from Sana’a to Tashkent.


Ramifications of instability will touch presumably an immense geographic arc. The Russians will exploit the Mediterranean, the Iranians will vigil on Hormuz, the Chinese will revive the Silk Road; and the Israelis will try to create a stable network to replace their constant game of disintegration.


The Syrian theater will continue to be a platform of confrontation until we reach Geneva 7 or 9 perhaps. The US will develop ties to the Pacific while maintaining traditional ones with the Atlantic.


Therefore the US “wings” grand strategy (Atlantic /pacific) will eclipse the global superpower status De-Facto.


From above we can assume in 2014 some emerging possible definitions:
US a wings power, Russia a Mediterranean broker, Iran a Hormuz gendarme, Israel a regional unilateral spoiler, France an outsourced power for the Iranian nuclear file, China a market economy with 2 kids, India an incubator of web innovations, Japan a recovering economy, Germany a power seeking an international positioning and KSA an oil producer searching for a consequential evolution.


The moving global panorama will alter the game of the nations and will reshuffle the cards in hand of many players.


Lebanon will need to strengthen its internal edifice to face the geopolitical earthquakes by forming a cabinet, by approving an electoral law, by electing a new president and a new parliament, by reforming the state, by boosting the army’s capability and finally by recovering the economy.


The point is that unless the US will couple to its wings policy a corpus that represents global responsibility, it will never fly. In fact old concepts of national interest are misplaced, a fashion of obsolete schools of thought, wings without a corpus are only wings and will not express economic recovery, leave alone global governance.


How will the US decipher its own path to recover and guide responsibly? This will be a major hurdle in international affairs.


Outsourcing was a historic option since the days of King Hiram of Tyre.


Hope and belief are posed in a young generation of US entrepreneurs who will gain the favor of the US public and introduce long-awaited reforms and farsighted strategy.


“Belief is the psychological state in which an individual holds a conjecture or premise to be true” Wikipedia


Thank you,





The Deal – Vision

November 11, 2013

English: Coat of arms of the canton of Geneva ...

English: Coat of arms of the canton of Geneva (Switzerland) Français : Armoiries du canton de Genève (Suisse) Deutsch: Wappen des Kantons Genf (Schweiz) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Reader,

Greetings and Good Day,

“I lost the love of heaven above, I spurned the lust of earth below, ………. In every language upon earth, on every shore, o’er every sea, …. and kept my spirit with the free.” A Vision by John Clare

It is a source of comfort to learn that the desire to reach an agreement between the contenders in Geneva will continue in next rounds of talks. As we know these talks date since many years, with ups and downs and it is high time now, to express a vision with principles and guidelines under which umbrella the framework of the phased agreements will be reached.

The vision is very simple, where it stands for acceptance, solidarity and respect. Each nation in the Middle East will commit to accept and recognize fully the other nations, including Israel, Palestine and Iran. Each nation will commit to express a state policy based on solidarity and sharing where a system of regional security will be emerging and finally each nation will respect the peaceful desire of growth within an open borders strategy of ideas and goods free of WMD threats.

Aligning negotiations in Geneva between the P5+1 and Iran will enable all players to express a phased route projecting the populations of the entire area into an era of peace.

I envisage three phases stretching on a time frame of 3 years.

The first phase, will define nuclear interim agreement one in Geneva, it will implement Geneva 2 for the Syrian Crisis, it will resolve the Lebanese standoff and the Iraqi instability.

The second phase, will define nuclear interim agreement two in Geneva, it will implement Geneva 3 for the Syrian Crisis, and it will define the final status in the Israeli / Palestinian Conflict.

The third and final phase, will define the nuclear agreement in Geneva, it will convene a conference on establishing a zone free of WMD in the region and it will finalize talks for regional security and common projects for growth and exploitation.

In the first phase, the nuclear interim agreement ONE in Geneva to be implemented by Dec 25 can consist of the immediate verifiable shutdown of Iran’s Arak heavy-water reactor in exchange for the release of 25 billion USD of Iranian accounts. On a separate track Geneva 2 will be called to convene by January 20 where humanitarian corridors, release of prisoners and a cessation of hostilities will be announced, the Syrian opposition will be represented by the new prime minister and a large and inclusive delegation. On another separate track a Lebanese neutral cabinet composed by 10 independents will be formed and will supervise the new electoral law, and the presidential election of Mr. Jean Kahwaji to proceed with the path of giving the Lebanese army the necessary time to be in charge of the cedar nation. Lebanese general elections will take place in September 2014. On another track an Iraqi sharing system of governance will be defined in a national conference Baghdad 1 where participation in the decision making will be open to all communities.

In the second phase, the nuclear interim agreement TWO in Geneva, will consist of the unilateral declaration by the Iranian nuclear agency that a cap of 80 KG will be applied on the quantity of 20 % enriched Uranium held on Iranian territory at any given time, measures will be put in place by the IAEA to verify by March 20. International Powers will release all held Iranian Bank accounts and ease sanctions on precious metals. On a separate track Geneva 3 will be called to convene within April 20 and a political transition, expressed by a national cabinet will be declared where there will be no space for the Assad clan. The final status of talks to resolve the Israeli / Palestinian conflict will take shape by August 2014 and a map with temporary borders will be accepted, the viable and sovereign nation of Palestine will be born. Jerusalem will have an international status under common and rotating administration. The state of Israel will have all kind of assurances that the citizens of Israel and the Jewry worldwide will be in amenity in a homeland.

In the third and final phase, the nuclear agreement in Geneva finalized by September 30, will consist of the Iranian Petroleum Agency announcing its desire to coordinate a plan of investment for gas exploitation in tandem with an international private consortium.  International powers will release all sanctions and will support the full membership of Iran in the WTO. On a separate track Iran and the US will be the sponsors to convene a conference on establishing a zone free of WMD in the region and this will be coupled by talks on enhancing regional security and common projects for growth and exploitation.  The main purpose will be to guarantee the security of Israel, the support of growth in Palestine, the diplomatic projection of Iran and its acquisition of a middle power status. Gulf Countries will act as facilitators and true believers in peace.

    “ I have not walked on common ground, Nor drunk of earthly streams; ……. Life is a race fore-run; Look in his face a little while, and life and death are one.” Vision by Marjorie Pickthall

     Thank You,


How Bad a Deal ?

November 8, 2013

This wall painting depicts a scene from a 17th...

This wall painting depicts a scene from a 17th century classical Iranian music ensemble. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Reader,

Greetings and Good Day,

“Something that is bad is unpleasant, harmful, or undesirable... Analysts fear the situation is even worse than the leadership admits”.  From the Reverso Dictionary, on Bad Deal  

There is a growing consensus that the FED monetary policies, by now, should start giving a boost to the real economy, and not nurture anymore the upcoming bubble in the Stock Exchange. If it is true that what was done so far, was the only unconventional option at hand of a public actor, although privately owned, it is also true that a wise maneuver of tapering in a predictable and gradual way as soon as January ( 5 billion) , will reveal to be a very effective step to enhance the entire US economic architecture.

Architecture! A beautiful word used often nowadays to inform that the sanctions applied on Iran by the world powers are thought within a logic and a built structure. The amazing and fascinating thing is to understand how the architects will develop the plan where “ Iran, as a first step, will stop its nuclear program advancing any further and start rolling parts of it back; and in return the US will enact very limited, temporary and reversible sanctions relief”.

Any devised plan/deal as analysts understand, that will be announced today in Geneva, will be bad, yet they need to figure out and presage how bad it will be.

It is understood that any nuclear deal between the (US plus other powers) and Iran today, will be very bad, mainly because it will respond to the forces in place between the two opposed camps. Both the US and Iran accuse fatigue, dizziness, power shamble after decades of enmity in the New fragmented Middle East and they both look to limit damage and loss as a mutual convenience.

Hence apparently there will be a grand fanfare for a deal that isn’t.

The plan technically will resemble a PR campaign following the CW Syrian example, where much of the results will be an intrigue to decipher.

Either Iran will block its activity to a certain date in exchange for some sanctions relief albeit reversible, or the Syrian regime will benefit from a temporary moratorium in exchange for a CW secretly conducted destruction, in both cases main issues will not be resolved.

The Iranian role in the world today and its projection of soft power will require an illuminated vision by a strong leadership, as much as the Syrian population will need an international conference to make up a transitional cabinet, that will start the route for a reformed system of governance, based on homegrown principles and pillars of acceptance and governance sharing.

Assad will try to maintain his power base, but butchers of their own populations will not have any place in any future of respectable nations.

Apparently the weakness of main players is an asset for peace lovers, as this will impede any large conflagration from developing in the ME, however this same weakness is a major liability for entire populations, as it will maintain the entire architecture of instability floating in an area, which is in dire need of good deals to be negotiated and implemented.

What can be the view after the deal, vis a’ vis several issues related to the Geopolitics of the ME? At first it is rational to realize that a very bad deal still to be announced by the US and Iran will be the first deal, secondly that the Russian role is manipulating the US weakness to a major extent, thirdly that the upcoming stage where stability/instability will be brought by a variegated group of weak international players is by itself the base to compare it with an urban monster.

The thought of all players is to deliver an edifice, shaking as it is, yet a meaningful fact that architects of non confrontation, (by itself a non policy   leading nowhere),  are at work.

How true political solutions will develop in the ME, is about the mystery that the depth of badness will reveal to be in the upcoming deal.

Vision on demand!

“1vi·sion: mode of seeing or conceiving (2):  unusual discernment or foresight <a person of vision>” Merriam Webster Dictionary

Thank you,

Zip in Splendor

October 29, 2013

English: The logo of the Atomic Enery Organiza...

English: The logo of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Readers,

Greetings and Good Day,

“I was zipping past wonders, zooming through splendor. But I hadn’t a clue if I was actually getting anywhere”, Frank Bruni

Following the latest economic data it is a common assumption by observers to expect the tapering of the FED to start next year. In the US, the Jobs revealed that construction is better than before, yet the durable goods were not up to desires. In Europe although Spanish recession seems to have ended, the Italian case is becoming a major hurdle for the Euro area revamp. It goes without saying that an economic revival might spur demand and generate an incentive to Italian exports and job creation; however this scenario will most likely take some more trimesters. Whenever the US and Europe lack in the locomotive role, usually it was the Asian tigers that assumed the lead, but we know that China will reveal soon unprecedented reforms, and Japan will need a drastic social/birth reform to exit its lost decades.

From above it is impossible only for Germany, Taiwan, South Korea and few other nations ( Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa) to lead the world demand and manufacturing , therefore the FED decision needs to focus on the main requirement and perception of the markets.

The world needs a leader with vision and in the total absence of illuminated leadership; all indicators are deteriorating the sentiment of the markets. The FED needs to taper immediately in a gradual and predictable path, starting with 5 billion dollars to be announced tomorrow.

The problem is that while the US administration is vehemently supporting the launch of the new care system revealed to be chaotic, it is sensibly showing ditto interest to better distribute the richness, concentrated in 95 % of the wellness in the hands of 1 % of the population.

Will the FED act independently from its owners the financial masters of the Universe?

This brings us to help the US understand what can be its objectives in a divisive Syrian environment. Eventually the US should pursue the territorial integrity of Syria managed by a transitional government that will ensure true representation and a better guidance for the Syrian population. Obviously as a first step, eliminating Chemical or other weapons from the theater is a very effective approach; although partial and very much incomplete. Ideally Geneva 2 could be a conference that will build on Geneva 1 where already the idea of a transitional cabinet was adopted, but it seems that chances for the gathering to take place are diminishing drastically. Be this for the simultaneous Iranian track of nuclear negotiation rising regional suspicions or because of the initial bad positioning of several powers.

While Ukraine and Turkey will highly benefit from a deal for cooperation in Gas, it is thought that the actual Russian agitation leaning towards an agreement of sort between the US and Iran, is further complicating the perspective, which is in dire need of simplicity.

So while the KSA is announcing a shift in relations with the US instead of increasing its purchase of US bonds, and Israel’s counter proposal consists of allowing the Iranian regime to acquire enriched Uranium from a foreign country to be used for its peaceful research, analysts were bogged in the dark, as they could not have details of the Iranian power point presentation with the 5 plus one.

Considering that the US cost of a military campaign to destroy or retard significantly, the Iranian nuclear program is prohibitive, and considering that any Israeli unilateral step will not be as effective as it should, all eyes are on the time needed for Iran to break out. But hold on! Will Iran break out with the actual cost and benefit formula or it will maintain the status-quo allowing it to have an immense say in several countries stretching from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Although 2014 is the year of elections par excellence in Latin America, Lebanon, Syria, the US mid term and in other nations, my expectations are that a lull of nothing will appear on the radars.

To sum up, fighting will continue in Syria in a tit for tat; however no important changes will take place and the political conference will need to wait. Assad will opt to renew his mandate without having the option of holding elections.

The Iranian Supreme leader will exit his seclusion with a result of his meditation where the status-quo is the best he can afford, spinning without break out, while suffering under sanctions. He will never understand how he can assure the Israeli people, or how he will initiate a new sauce in the Iranian economy to be linked to the world trade.

The US will play for time until a fix in the economy will be brought in, by a leader with a clear vision and sufficient political power, who will manage a negotiation with the financial masters of the universe to set better terms in running world affairs.

The Russian leadership will watch the show of international relations running, trying from time to time to upgrade its role to principal actor, while most important issues at home (social reforms, economy, future role of Russia in world affairs, etc,) are still unresolved.

Israel will drill and drill and drill, but intimately it knows that without a peaceful and painful outcome with the Arabs and a sincere effort to denuclearize the ME, the Canaanites will need to survive the existential identity and protract their security from their shadows.

China will necessitate at least 40 or 50 years to generate a political alternative to the Communist party; meanwhile it will try to balance its cities and countryside, with a peculiar sight on resources, and simultaneously seek to increase its sea lanes while arming itself with the best available weapons and technologies.

Finally and unless we help the military regime in Egypt to start the path of openness and look ahead for the next liberal decade, the undesired consequences of today will create a tantrum of deltas in the Nile that will endanger the entire African scheme.

“I was getting anywhere, without any clue. Then I zoomed through past wonders, to realize that I need to zip in splendor”.

Thank you,