The Invisible Hand

September 25, 2013

Quds Force Operations in 8 divisions

Quds Force Operations in 8 divisions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Dear Reader,


Greetings and Good Day,


Following the opening of the UN general assembly, some topics emerge strongly on the international scene.


The Syrian crisis, the Iranian nuclear file, the monitoring of information and the global economy are perhaps the most visible.


As for the Syrian crisis, it is clear by now what are the expectations of the Syrian population, in the heroic struggle, to establish a new national accord and a reformed state.


The international conference of Geneva is the viable forum, for talks and agreements, to take place with the aim of coexistence, justice, liberties, modernity and security.


Factions and brokers will undoubtedly negotiate as soon as January, a framework of transition, to a peaceful nation with guarantees of geopolitical interests for many players.


Although my understanding is, that the Assad clan will be out of the formula,


I can’t imagine an effective solution in Syria, without the contribution of the Iranians.


We know that an invisible hand was orchestrating the meetings of President Hassan Rouhani at the UN, reflecting the whispers of the inner circle in Tehran.


Observers could detect mixed signals coming out of Tehran in the immediate phase leading to the meetings at The UN.


There were articles, tweets and greets from one side coupled to missiles displays, parliament drafts and inauguration of plants from another.


The imminent interest of Tehran seems to be, to relief sanctions and avoid clashes with the US, while those of the US are focused to verify the nuclear Iranian research to be peaceful and create in tandem a sort of converging vision with Iran in the MENA region.


The meeting tomorrow between Iran and the 5 plus 1 group of nations is a step in the right direction, to explore diplomacy; however it is insufficient to generate concrete results.


What I see as required, is to build on the actual positive climate, where the US will propose to Iran, to set a first annual high level bilateral direct meeting, in the end of October in Beirut, where comprehensive talks will tackle a multitude of issues.


The US delegation can be led by the Secretary of State and include the CIA director.


Obviously the tracks to be discussed are multiple and intelligence is pivotal to indicate a practical path.




This brings us to the necessity of keeping a free flow of information in place while simultaneously exerting smooth monitoring on data.


It is important to understand that without information gathering we couldn’t learn about Natanz, Bushehr, Fordow, Arak, or even about the name of the daughter of the NK leader or the liberal views of the daughter of the Quds force.


Definitely information is linked to security and its appropriate handling by trained experts with knowledge of privacy and respect of specifics, is very important and will help on international prosperity and security.


My hope is that the Israeli establishment will seize the UN moment to talk about peace with the surrounding environment and to stress the national necessity to tutor its own security without rhetoric.


Military readiness and contingencies are always integral part of any political breakthrough.


Pending issues in politics led us to data, and inevitably this will bring us ultimately to productivity and markets.




Global growth is an immense challenge and achievements in this field are enormous.


Be this in China, Japan, Bangladesh, Turkey, India, South Africa, Australia Brazil or/and in many other nations.


Without doubt, markets are connected and a rapid link ensures velocity and tenure of transmission of levels for value and for services.


Offer will be always generated to play into demand and consumers will necessarily be in the fulcrum of the economic daily life.


Food, drinks, arms, durable goods, waste and environment will always be on our screens.


International relations are manageable often through the fruit of monetary policies and economic performance.




Education, immigration, business and social services will never cease to be the pillar of humanity.




Thank you