Lebanese Political Stimulus

May 11, 2009

In an objective effort to promote Lebanese national interests,

observers and policy makers differ how to prioritize and to set

the agenda.

The upcoming Lebanese General Elections while they are an extremely

important appointment with the rights of the eligible voters to express their

legal representatives, unfortunately so far they are lacking the most important

portion of the national debate: The vision.


Trying to find solutions it is fundamental to initiate by identifying at first

basic problems. In Lebanon there are chronic problems linked to the social

structure of the nation, retarding its insertion into modernity.

Corruption is opposed to accountability, freewheeling is opposed to planning,

friction is opposed to governance and dualism is opposed to nationalism.

If it is true that we can not stir events in the Middle East to detach Lebanon from

the intricacy and complexity of the surrounding problems, it is also true that

a sincere coordinated effort can at least circumvent regionalism and reduce its

preponderant direct negativities.

It is simple to realize that in order to approve effective reforms in all sectors,

as a first step, it is obligatory to have a strong state.

Based on above and considering the international economic contraction, represented

by unemployment in the US, deflation in China and halting of major real estate development plans in The Gulf, perhaps Lebanon can transform a global

liability into an opportunity.

The idea is to empower the environment for peace through a Lebanese

Political Stimulus where the slogan of a strong state will be translated into

accurate and precise proposals.

In order for Lebanon to prepare itself against downturns and crisis, it should

achieve few things rapidly. Put all necessary steps together to create an economy

based on private investment and job creation from one side, and from another

recruit a large number of citizens from both sexes into the armed forces.

A political program based on enticing citizens to be part of the armed forces

and their different intelligence agencies, is crucial to reach two simultaneous

results, from one side to decrease the number of joblessness in the basin of employment,

and from the other it will increase the power of the state as a force capable to

defend its interests within its territories.

In tandem with the armed forces recruitment openings, it is necessary to move forward

with semi-privatization of MEA, Telecoms, EDL, wind energy Offshore and in the plain of Akkar, and most important to improve the infrastructure by opening a second airport and rehabilitating a railroad system.

A total force of 150,000 men and women will be credible to secure the territory and to monitor the boundaries, impeding any infiltrations and creating deterrence for possible


Only a strong Lebanon in its army and its economy can be a reliable partner for regional