Sovereignty and Beyond

Boycott, Sovereignty and Beyond


Undoubtedly the failure of the Lebanese state to express governance since decades of its inception, reside in the fact that the state could never exert full sovereignty and monopoly of coercion on its territories.
The predominance of sectarianism increased and fomented the weaknesses of the Lebanese state and this factor must make us reflect about the legitimate exercise of power and sovereignty, to display independence and national interest.
While the Lebanese state has jure sovereignty, de facto it shares this sovereignty with the confessions forming the groups of communities forming the population.…/esj/article/download/4144/3980
The only way forward therefore is to evolve the power sharing system from being a sectarian kleptocracy of Mafiosi based on communal-ism, foreign protection and widespread corruption into a form of practical democracy based on fair representation and meritocracy within secure and peaceful final borders.


It is no secret that the origin of modern Lebanon can be spanned along many centuries, even if the existence of the territory itself goes back to 3000 B.C.
William Harris in his” Lebanon A History”, argues that Lebanon’s sectarian politics are as much (if not more) a product of prolonged indigenous evolution as of nineteenth century European/Ottoman interventions. He also contends that modern Lebanon would not have broken down if the June 1967 Arab-Israeli war had not taken place.…/product/lebanon-9780195181111…&
Since Resolution 194 of the United Nations…/United_Nations_General_Assembly_…
And all others affecting the Lebanese theater…
The main question is Can renewed conflict in LEBANON be averted? (Kotia p.19)
The truth is that international chancelleries regard divided and sectarian Lebanon as the best recipe for prolonged non belligerence on its southern and most volatile border, in absence of durable and just regional peace accords. Where corrupt local politicians and non state actors will be snatched into benefits and imbued to secure and serve the interest even financial of Non Lebanese players.

Causes and Effects

Contrary to what the Lebanese President delivered in the inaugural speech in the parliament after he had taken the office oath, where he affirmed “the importance of approving a new electoral law which fairly represents all the Lebanese segments”, noting that coping with corruption will be the main goal of the governmental institutions.
The members of the Security Council stressed the importance of the holding of parliamentary elections by May 2017, in accordance with the Constitution, in order to sustain Lebanon’s democratic tradition. there is no mention of the electoral law in the statement as we can notice.
There is a clear pattern where the international system seeks to deploy a semblance of stability while all the ingredients of conflict are here to stay.
Local politicians including the president of the republic are used for the interests of instating a new parliament where divisiveness is ensured and no national platform is workable.
This is the direct cause of the requirement for a national stand against the exploitation of Lebanon as a perpetual arena for hidden instability that runs against the core of the interest of all its citizens and the collective heart of the nation.
As we can all envisage, the recycling of the general elections under the same electoral law of 1960 is an attempt by local Mignons to satisfy their international masters, and this will be objected, opposed and refused by a clear cut call to boycott the elections or to cast a white ballot. The total number of boy-cotters and white votes will be the sum of eligible citizen’s voters who will support the second phase of our intent, calling to dismantle the actual tribal, feudal and religious mechanisms, which is robbing the country and rampaging state assets, and replace them by modern and secular institutions for all citizens.
An illegitimate parliament, who self extended its mandate and elected a president that fulfills foreign interest are both acting de facto against the Lebanese jure sovereignty.
From above the upcoming general elections held as per the 1960 law, are not an opportunity to reform the power sharing system, but these are an abusive attempt of reproducing arrogance, and inducing corrosion of the national tissue. But above all a farce managed by the ministry of interior and aided by private Gas and Oil interests against the collective society as lately enunciated in a public letter addressed to the president himself.


It is obvious that the war lords and the international spy networks will do all possible to derail the efforts of decent Lebanese to start up a new Lebanon through instating sovereignty and by deploying coercion and hard power assets. The reason for the conclusion that this extreme measure to establish control by force, on thieves and thugs who are acting in tandem, to impede the social society from advancing its own representatives to the command of state posts in conformity with democratic rules , is basic and legal but also deriving from a majority of boy-cotters and white voters.
The strategy thus is to oppose the general elections by 1960 law, and to act afterwards on a time of our chosen. Once plans, assets, contacts will be finalized the deadline will be set and inevitably sovereignty will be instated in tandem with the rule of law.

Operations will be planned and executed by all armed forces on behalf of the citizenry and the final objective will be to create a new nation/state. The leading group will be timely formed beforehand and the populace will be called to maintain calm and show support.
Details will be finalized in meetings and sessions of national security.

Scenario Beyond
As involved citizens we look beyond the establishment of a new sovereign Lebanon to empower the opportunities for a new republic: where jobs, security, solidarity , justice, equality, and peace are enacted.


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