August 12, 2016

Dear Readers,

Greetings and Good Day,

This is an amity letter from the PEOPLE of LEBANON to the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

It is no secret that Lebanon is the third country in the world, after Turkey and Pakistan, in terms of numbers of hosted refugees. This achievement is generated by the tumults in the wider MIDDLE EAST in general and in SYRIA in particular. Yet this major burden and challenge, had only enhanced the efforts of the US administration to increase its aid (military and civil) to the LEBANESE institutions (ARMED FORCES, learning bodies and infrastructure), which is a remarkable gesture in times of spreading chaos and fomented violence. How does this hold in terms of mutual national interests?

Tracing back the evolution of the communities, living on the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean located between Acre and Banias, it is safe to affirm that self determination was their true stamina. By contrast, emigration and creation of new communities in Carthage/ Spain/ Corsica/Sardinia… for those willing to leave, coupled  to hard work and sacrifice, for those willing to stay, acted both as the unifyer in the melting pot remnants of different passing-Byers (  Alexander, Nebuchadnezzar II, Tiberius , SHARON and ASSAD)

While immigrants and geography helped the first independent states in the US to gain momentum and enact federalism, as a form of “Largesse” that will nurture industrial revolutions; European fluid insecurity environment caused two major wars that kept their leftovers up to our days.

As much as Atlantic emotions and interests accidentally supported the General Motors affiliated companies to build occupying third Reich “Panzers” in Europe, Colonialism and Capitalism chronically failed to prescribe a cure for the world temporary diseases. A short century of cold war, brought down the wall of Berlin, but also erected the walls in Jerusalem, entre-autre.

In truth, the occupation of Palestine not only on the surface, transformed the Israeli people from seekers of a safe homeland into practitioners of segregation and brutality, but also deeply implanted and negatively instated a Lebanese major malpractice, which shifted the objectives of liberation and resistance in South Lebanon, into exploit of human causes for the benefit of demagoguery, indebted governance and individual greed.  There is no difference between Wahhabi doctrine, Jabotinski vision and or Khomeinism, all lead to dissolution of principles in state building.

Joe Biden in a recent article on Foreign Affairs, entitled Building on Success, eloquently displays a sober narrative, although incomplete.

It is a fact that American elections transforms the vacationing elite in Washington during August into an easy target, a sitting duck , until November, where some essayists portray this as a window for an upcoming Russian Adventure in Mariupol, or Kaliningrad

But this isn’t the true danger, as in my assessment Russian reserves can’t afford further confrontation with the current oil barrel under 45 US Dollars, and with the bubble of the markets close to erupt, (the true reason behind the FED delay of interest rate rise).  Recent concentration of military assets along the borders of “Donbas” is an electoral tool for the legislative elections in September, but most of all it is the result of the Russian roulette or the Hybrid War. Which keeps the troops staying the course, because there is no other alternative in this policy other than emptying the Russian state coffers from cash, until Putin picks a successor for 2018, and who is better placed than “Mrs. Budget”  Tatyana Golikova?

So what is the true danger? The threat is that Plutocracy and KLEPTOCRACY worldwide concentrated an enormous amount of financial resources in the hands of very few, while floating non recoverable loans equivalent to trash money. These corporations that helped the Chinese Industrial wild advance are responsible for reducing presidential choices to alignment with the establishment (Mrs .CLINTON) and sky scraping mediocrity (Mr. Trump), while paving the way for innuendo in Mr. Xi’s practices in Chinese projection of power in the South China Sea. A Chinese industrial monster was aided by Rothschild’s/Rockefeller’s that need to learn peaceful maritime coexistence with VIETNAM, Philippines, TAIWAN and JAPAN. There is much headache for the 7th fleet exerting new concepts of Distributed Lethality, drone proliferation and to the F35 masters of the sky managing aerial combat. Will the Chinese succeed in access denial in the nine dash line and augur the rise of a challenging order?

Thucydides probably would argue again by saying “The secret to happiness is freedom… And the secret to freedom is courage.

Freedom, happiness and courage are the basic elements and ingredients that constitute the Lebanese soul; an effervescent enthusiasm for life, contrary to the apparent dictum that spreads an erroneous frequency by mistakenly positioning the Lebanese People marching in the wrong direction of history.

So what shall the Lebanese do with the arms donated to the Lebanese Armed Forces, and with the aids/assets displayed to help refugees, in presence of a hemorrhage of state services, a total debacle of public affairs management and irreversible descent in debt and corruption?

Building on an unsuccessful state, Lebanon needs to reinforce the defense formula of the territory while simultaneously reforming the delivery to the citizenry.

This is the secret incentive that helps the Lebanese activists glue together and amalgam, in a common message, a national ticket of 128 candidates, in a true electoral program and to seek to exert illuminated governance through the upcoming parliamentary elections, whatever the electoral law put in place by thieves and thugs will be.

The Lebanese activism pledge is to win the trust of the local collectivism and of the international community, over and over again.

Watch us,

Thank You,