July 20, 2016

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“When night is young, it shines bright and clear.
The other is smaller, but for the best sailor.
In a smaller orbit it goes around, and leads the ships of Sidon on their voyages.” Phaenomena 200 BC – Aratos

Considering latest events in the European continent, starting from the UK referendum to exit the EU, up to the Italian Banks crisis, and the German exports need to stable growth, one can assess that the European Republic as suggested by  , is the most important political project in our modern times. In truth while uniting so many different languages and interests, will have ups and downs for sure, it is understood that ramifications also will entail several major topics, such as refugees and the alarming trend of violent actions disturbing the peaceful administration of civil affairs in the continent.

There is no doubt that to acquire more leverage the European Republic, it has to become a source of sustain for each pensioner in the next 30 years. This can unfold by converging all pensioners’ salaries to be paid by one Sovereign European Fund, while all new born infants will receive cash back from another Republican fund.

So is it wiser to break down history in different eras or can it unfolds in an unraveling continuum?

Is there a link between old human civilizations spread on different continents? Definitely there is a continuum and the link is PAX PHOENICIA, where humanity metamorphosed always in different forms, Chinese, Egyptian, Indian, Sumeri, Kanaanite (think about King Hiram, King David and the Patriach of Jerusalem Elia ), Greek, Roman, Dutch, Portuguese, British, Russian, American, etc…

Whenever we wish to elaborate on the recent coup in Turkey, and to position it in the connections with the European Republic, , we can only hope that a new liberal constitution with checks and balances will come up. Here Mr. Erdogan need to realize that his government spurred division, and that his role need to be ended the sooner the best, or else this will represent a likely scenario of division and conflict, where two Turkey’s ( East and West) will unfold along a line from Trabzon to Anamur and a successive confederation will require a lot of diplomatic work, .

Teutonic shifts can be at the horizon, yet analyzing some points; we get back to the continuum of the PAX PHOENICIA.

From the succession to Putin, where Mr. Kerry needs to add frequency to his visits to Moscow to entice the establishment to pick up a successor, preferably Mrs Budget Tatiana Golikov, to the decision of the financial masters of the universe to hike the FED interest rate to prepare for the next and upcoming economic crisis, links abound.

So why we don’t get involved in international architecture and think about the Arc of Gas stretching from Algeria to Turkish Riviera, call it the Republic of Carthage with depth extending east , up to Pakistan, which covers a major importance as source of energy to the Republic of Europe, getting older in the next 30 years.

AWWWW, here comes Turkish instability that will factor into the dissolution of the strategic duet Riyadh/Tehran, ceding importance to the Republic of Carthage, where two elected “despots” such as Bibi Netanyahu and Raja Tayyeb Erdogan are effectively dismantling the civil administration of their respective states. The first by strengthening racism and religious divide, while the latter is following the path of Ian Bremer, who used to be the US representative in Iraq, in dismantling state bureaucrats from military to civil servants, increasing the intellectual divide between Kemalists who opposed the Serves convention and Erdoganists lobbying for a Turkish strategic shine or stream if we want.

How this will affect Lebanon?

As Lebanese citizen I am concerned that any delay in Lebanese reforms and general elections as per the electoral law of the Lebanese opposition version, will force the interplay of the inevitability of a third Lebanese war, especially in presence of a US /Russo cooperation vis a’ vis the Syria crisis.

If it is true that until now Hezbollah had an advantage in the formula of loss and benefit, entangled in the Syrian conflict and simultaneously sponsoring Lebanese presidential vacuum, it is also true that from today the time factor in the vacuum, is not anymore in Hezbollah’s favor and advantage. Lest will become the political mantra of the party of God.

So as we are already in the tunnel of Bretton Woods, do we need to sort out new mechanism to manage the global affairs, as suggested here ?

While we will figure many things out, the South China Sea will continue to be a Chinese illegal requirement of regional power projection, the same as Russian circumvention of Armenia in its trade to the Indian Subcontinent will be a geopolitical requirement.

Therefore it is less a matter of Liberal democracy, Kleptocracy, Theocracy, Authoritarianism, or totalitarianism, all coexisting under the same rule of the PAX PHOENICIA, still running in continuum.

“Take a breath, Rest your head, Close your eyes, you are right” Don’t be so Shy Lyrics, Imany

Thank You,