March 12 @ 16h00 , Sassine Square

March 9, 2016

Dear Reader,
Greetings and Good Day,
This is an open letter from the Lebanese Opposition to the Lebanese population resident and in the Diaspora.
A nation among the nations, Lebanon embarked since its independence in an infantile and then juvenile march towards development, yet both led for complex geopolitical landscape, immature behavior and institutional erosion to failure.
In fact today, Lebanon, developed is not.
Lebanon is utterly a sovereign nation without a recognized state, or a nation with a multiplicity of negative ramifications. From non state actors, to sectarian communities, tribes, oligarchies, corporations, mafia families, special interests groups, illicit traffickers, war lords, Feudal Beiks, Godfathers, Real-estate speculators, to being a basin for would be exported graduates. From passive bankers, to oil cartels, filibusters of monopolies, and last but not least outlaw gangsters.
Murky and muddy, the corrupt Lebanese community of politicians has a strong belief that perception is more important than reality, hence they tend to portray a status-quo of infamy, of deceit and social derailment, incapable as they are to alter the equation into a modern state, reformed and projected to well being of the collective citizenry.
Lebanon is a bankrupt and careless state where community services are nonexistent and the needy are a have not category of citizens. Allegiance is for foreign powers and the brave people are called upon by sophomoric gangsters in charge of ministries, and benefiting from an illegitimate extension to Occupy Nijmeh Square without delivering a president since almost two years of vacuum.
Members of parliament last year met in plenary sessions to approve laws for the interest of international corporations, failing to cater for the national interest. Lately a president of a party selectively reduced his proposed decrees to adultery, while a draft to propose the independent monitoring agency for municipal elections was exempted from the interest of the same young political “revolutionary”.
In the same token a minister of tourism went on all fury to call reserved rights for a video tackling the image of Lebanon, as one of the protest movements, nuanced the trash as a top priority. This same minister should better attend on the front lines, the protest action of March 12 and show some national sensibility.
Surprised as we are by the political choices of Saad Hariri, we barely manage to monitor his travels and to account for these, in a modern “ Rihla” . This guy is much like Ibn Battuta , ultimately he represents a variant , a traveler for spices , presidential candidates and outstanding salaries at Saudi Ogero and Future TV.
The counterweight of Hariri in Lebanon is a bearded Seyyed, having the last word in resistance matters, where his ideology tops Yemeni sacrifices as unequaled, while Syrian ones determined also by his strategy are minimized. Hassan Nasrallah should better come to terms with the republic constitutional reforms as explained plainly in an open letter I already sent him. Let us revisit and re-brand the Lebanese republic, the third republic is in waiting.
Along the present misogyny, where Lebanon is ranked in the bottom of nations with respect to women, there is a major need to reshuffle this mammoth and colossal state of denial.
Political parties such as the FPM, are calculating their steps to finalize the standing versus the cabinet, while the road to salvation is one, let us go to elections, municipal and general, under independent monitoring, let us elect a president for a transition period and let us approve a mixed electoral law that permits changes to emerge from beneath the corrupt system to introduce much needed reforms. Let us collect our waste within the logic of the waste hierarchy and the zero waste science, let us impede filibusters from exploiting the last line of defense of the civil society. Let us stop the charade of buffoons a’ la minister Z3aiter and minister Azzi, and the clowns of the Mahnouk’s parody, caricature and burlesque.
Regional alarm bells are twitting the Lebanese republic and unless we act now, we most likely will see ourselves absorbed and morphed into a new geographic entity.
This is a call for action on March 12, entailing also the Prime Minister who is caressing the idea of resignation or Se-rail emptiness, while he should instead join the front line of the protest and press the corrupt elite to speak up the solution immediately.
Dear compatriots be numerous starting from Sassine Square, and affirm your national rights, be above all what you are, a Lebanese people with a soul, a nation with a state.
This is also a public call to the Lebanese Army to protect the whole itinerary on March 12 starting from 15h45, up to Riad Solh Square and be the vigil eye that will nurture all daughters and sons of the republic.
See you all soon,
Thank you,