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January 19, 2016

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It is no secret that the social pact presently regulating the Lebanese institutions is obsolete and out of synchronous, if not unpractical.
Going in retrospect we can register the fact that the presidency of Hrawi was extended, the presidency of Lahoud was renewed, the presidency of Suleiman came after May 7 and at the moment presidential vacuum’s reign is supreme.
It is also a fact that governance is shaken, the national debt skyrocketed almost to 160 % ratio of gross debt versus GNP, corruption is rampant, public posts are subject to fierce battles and the economy is broken.
Add to this the incapability of the political class to approve a reasonable electoral law for municipalities and for the parliament (illegitimate extension of the MAJLIS mandate was approved twice) that can ensure a wide and pervasive representation, with checks and controls, and here you go with the failure of the state on basic needs.
Considering the strategic depth and the regional geopolitical environment, it is also a fact that the Lebanese factions have allegiance to foreign powers rather than to their own national soil and to the community of their brethren fellows nationals.
The disaffection of the youth and the new generations is crystal clear, where emigration is much on demand, while the old corrupt guard of mafia bosses and don’s of embezzlement are consciously responsible for the present day stale mate.
As the second republic miserably failed, the only option is to proceed with the third republic, and introduce amendments to the constitution.
We most need a Beirut 1 conference, the same national council mentioned in our constitution that no president ever called for, being all taken with their associates in delinquency in robbing the state and opening wide the borders of the nation/state to progressive derailment and dissolution.
Beyond any social pact that regulates the Lebanese life, we need to bring accountability for those who are arming themselves and derailing the state monopoly on coercion, and those who spread embezzlement and mismanagement in state affairs through greed, reducing the social life into a major trash can where the citizenry is engulfed in a vertical division imposed by regional blocs.
It is obvious that the Syrian Crisis has direct impact on Lebanon where the increase of residents in the cedar nation contributes from one side to the crescent growth of the national product while decreasing simultaneously the per capita capital.

We are a poorer nation, and a banana republic, no matter what the decades long remittances are trying to prolong the life span of the credit and banking system, leave alone the real estate mass residing on a hill of cement bubble.
There is need to generate a state based on meritocracy as a first step, and then embrace secular and universal values. Expecting solutions from a filibuster duet of profiteers, where a presidential candidate with a program ( Geagea) endorses a candidate without a program ( Aoun) is ridiculous at best. If it is true that the club of candidates to the presidency is less crowded today, it is also true that the outcome is more intrigued. We went from a couple in tension to a couple intention to perpetuate their egos and the interests of their clan and sect.
Nonetheless, the way out is certainly to elect a president and to approve an electoral law, to create an emergency unit for waste management and to reform the social pact having close attention to the economy and to tourism. The image of Lebanon is so tarnished that even the republic sovereign bonds, external and internal debt has no appeal for credit agencies, we are rated trash.
The Lebanese Opposition invites the political corrupt class to evolve its attitude and devise a route map for salvation from the certain demise they pour the populace in.
We call on all the presidential candidates to discuss their programs publicly and on deputies to elect a president today not tomorrow, and to approve the electoral law of Fouad Boutros already in the parliament and let us go to vote.

In Politics, The Lebanese Opposition, We the People alliance , operating under the same umbrella, will take down the profiteers and evolve the system into a third republic of meritocracy and democracy that includes opposition.

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The Nascent Lebanese Opposition

January 13, 2016

Dear Reader,
Greetings and Good Day,

“I am not seeking a revolution but an evolution and reform of the system” Late President Fouad Chechab . (Chapter five, Memories by late Fouad Boutros)

Considering the actual Lebanese institutional impasse, where the political class mismanaged the state control as much as the auditing agencies smooth job, in a pattern that led to erasing almost all checks and controls, it is of utmost importance to launch the Lebanese Political Opposition.
This nascent opposition from beneath the civil society is the responsibility of all citizens at least to reinstate a degree of decency to the Republic. Its main stated embryonic objective, needs to find the mechanism through which to represent a political progressive alternative to the status-quo, without increasing the already existing instability caused by a havoc of gaps and divides, be these regional, sectarian, economic and/or strategic.

A starting point can be the layer offered by “Power-Sharing in Conflict-Ridden Societies: Challenges for Building Peace” a book featured by Mr Kåre Vollan, Professor Nils A. Butenschøn, Mr Øyvind Stiansen, which analyses the inner weaknesses of Lebanon in its chapter 6 . It soberly defines the conundrum in page 131 as follows “The Lebanese political system continues to be in a very precarious situation from a democratic point of view as long as the elections and functioning of core political institutions are not secured through procedures with democratic legitimacy”.

While many observers are skeptic about the regional and local geopolitical conditions if being ultimately conducive to general elections in the near future, late Fouad Boutros offered in his proposed draft law,08,YYboutrosdraftguideen.pdf the opportunity to exit the stalemate.

I would say that to invigorate the public debate the best initiative would be definitely to create the Lebanese Political Opposition, within a formula preserving unity albeit empowering non uniformity, at least to become an asset for oversight and scrutiny over the national emergencies such as the trash crisis, the national debt, and the national hydro carbon treasures .
It is common sense to say that if general elections will not be held for now, we can expect as modicum the municipal elections to take place with few adjustments, where the independent supervising commission , and the proportional/ female/young quotas will be introduced.
Therefore the months to come are pivotal to provoke evolution, in proximity with the declared May deadline for the municipalities. Hence the actions taken by several movements working on ground to alter the status-quo are very welcome per se’, especially the one planned concomitant with the cabinet meeting tomorrow Thursday 14 January, at 10h30, that I endorse as much as “Badna N7assib” proposed and “Tol3it Ri7itkoun” joined by an official statement.
While we can all agree on meaningful steps to create the Lebanese Opposition platform, such as setting a process to define national priorities within a rational echelon in a realistic agenda, subject to adjustments in tandem with ensuring flexibility in advancing the public political space and interest, we might differ on the approach leading to this and the demands to ask.
If it is true that we require the resignation of the cabinet to become a care taker, as an obvious admission of failure and an opening to dialogue with the civil opposition, it is also true that the national dialogue between the failed government and the Umbrella of the nascent Lebanese Opposition gathering under the same banner The People Opposition (Al Mu3arada Al sha3biyya) needs to lead to consequential achievements.
It is not realistic to wait until the crisis in Syria is resolved as per Iranian hindsight, or the price of Oil is set as per Saudi and Russian Budget needs, or the US sailors already released from Farsi Island until they stray around somewhere else, or the Chinese coast guard vessels stop patrolling the East China Sea.
There will always be events in the world that disrupt our Lebanese state into a wave of void, and it is our duty to find the cure and the antidote to the tides, by displaying unity, conformity, judgment and ultimately national solutions.
Incapability to evolve means simply stagnating in the trash as we already do, while the solution of the Lebanon Eco Movement is crystal clear
Therefore we need to adapt and kick start ourselves into a new phase, the challenge of the future for our families.
Effective immediately, I candidate myself officially to coordinate the efforts, to introduce the Lebanese Opposition Committee to the public opinion within one month time. This committee will be in charge of synchronizing the united yet non uniformed efforts of the individuals and entities of the opposition. The dream team will be formed of 8 delegates aged between 18 and 60 years, half females and half males, from different extractions.
The committee delegates will only lead the national opposition in coordination with all individuals and movements, but will not announce their own candidacies to any public post on a later stage. The delegates will need to publicly present a paper of credentials to submit to the public opinion to enter the fray of the national committee.
My credentials are as follows, Lebanese, independent, male, opposition activist, blogger , tourism professional , born in 1960 , ID 000035390579,mail, mobile 009613297406, personal belongings including all assets financial and real estate up to date on average 350 thousand US Dollars .
Those who will form the committee with me will have a nightmare facing them, as this mission is very complicated but not impossible, eventually we will seek peace for all.
Looking forward for the team of independents to be completed by February 14 and introduce it to the Lebanese and International audience as a first step.

“ ……. i sogni come flutti si infrangono
su sconosciute scogliere
e il loro cuore si acquieta
si addormenta sul far della sera
in attesa di nuova aurora
di rinnovato fresco alito di vita” . I Giovani By Ettore Vita

Thank You,