The State of the Lebanese State

November 30, 2015

Dear Reader,
Greetings and Good Day,

“If understanding followed no rule at all, there would be no good in the understanding or in the matter understood, and to remain in ignorance would be the greatest good.” Ramon Llull

The first question,
Is the Lebanese fate to remain in ignorance?
Lebanese communities resident and around the world, often ask who is the Lebanese official that can address their common perceptions and dreams. This one official could be a personality extracted from all sectors of the productive society of labor. She or he can be a luminary, a scientist, and a politician of vision or an inventor.
Lebanese communities worldwide have a common denominator, of being sufficiently trained for resilience, endurance, and definitely skilled for smart and hard work.
These communities deserve respect for what they represent, an encompassing and widespread Diaspora of the willing.
Several waves of Lebanese emigrants established all over the globe, even in remote areas, to pursue wealth, prosperity for their families and education for their children.
Recent waves of emigration flew the Cedar nation since the late seventies up to date, and embarked in an unending relocation of physics.
No one politician in Lebanon had the decency to create or plan an environment for these expatriate communities, enabling them to regain possess of their historic national heart.
Yet the Lebanese are not condemned to live in political ignorance imposed by the lingo of the perverts, warlords and militiamen ruling without accountability since decades.

The Pyrrhic Victory,
Whenever we wish to leave behind us the efforts to modernize the state started by late President Fouad Chehab, at the time, and we tend to restart the clock of modern history from the Taef accord, we can easily assess that the so called national accord brokered by an infamous SS formula much similar to Nazi culture, failed miserably.
A mafia quartet ruled Lebanon since the nineties and they shared interests allotted between the economic empire of Hariri/ Sanioura and the pseudo resistance of Hezbollah.
This quartet comprised the Hariri collars, who ransacked the down town of Beirut for two nickels, financed by some Saudi Princes, the infamous duo Jumblat & Berri (branded under direct Syrian tutelage) and the pseudo resistance financed by the Iranian Guards. It systematically and collectively exerted the most rapacious role in embezzlement of state assets and finances, indebtedness galloped. Suleiman Franjieh Jr and Michel El Murr were the ramifications of the quartet, two stars adding no luster to the galaxy of profiteers.
Israeli and Syrian military presences, for different reasons, ended in Lebanon. An ill counseled extension of the Lahoud mandate precipitated the alteration of the status-quo; the UNCRS 1559 approval perhaps was one of many reasons behind the assassination of Hariri Sr. that followed suit.
These events ended the second era of Lebanese state disorder, being the first era already accomplished by the Mossad and other intelligence agencies since the days of the Palestinian national cause and the multiple errors of the PLO on Lebanese soil.

Lacking the findings of a national committee for truth and reconciliation, the Lebanese warring factions a “redux” of the Chinese warring states, thought to manage a post 2005 phase , by including Michel Aoun and Samir Geagea. De Facto, this effort to enlarge the number of thieves and incompetent war lords who changed their military suit into politicians pseudo finesse, revealed to further dissolve the fortitude of the Lebanese state. The existing gap between the citizenry and the harassed state increased immensely. The civil society was and still is excluded from the formula of the Lebanese Political state management as professed by the ignorant and idiots.
Two vertical blocs 8 and 14 March separated on purpose the Lebanese, to prompt fear and friction between the communities, albeit both alliances are different sides of the same coin.
Iranian funding reached the OTV and Manar TV, while Saudi funding was extended to Future TV and other anchors, media features were all controlled by regime figures, having allegiance as their masters to foreign and regional powers.
Lebanese minions of these two regional monsters were playing the game of their masters, until the Trash crisis exploded. Meanwhile a presidential vacuum was registered coupled to two consecutive illegitimate self extensions of the parliament. Nijmeh Square is taken hostage by Ave Nabih, a multi billionaire of corruption and incompetence.
Tactically, a Duo cartel ( Geagea / Aoun) was created similar to the understanding of Mar Mikhael, yet with different purposes, to exert possession of the Palace of Baabda perimeter, in an ultimate effort to ridicule the state and the citizenry.
The folly malady of Jumblat is unlimited and this old guard trampoline feudal idiot, thought to trespass the perimeter by unleashing the serial terminator of Candidates, Hariri Jr in a redux of Kill Bill, a Lebanese tragicomedy in its second act.

Moguls of greed and titans of robbery have no decency, in fact they also displayed undeterred the Lebanese intelligence agencies and the armed forces to attack and disrupt the efforts of the social protest to alter the formula of state demise.
Sarcasm runs high when apples are depicted as oranges and thieves become legal, while protesters have urinal tests and arbitrary detentions.
Pity the nation of outlaws, changing the constitution of laws into a rule of gangs.

Iran and KSA two great lands of valuable traditions and cultures, hosting great peoples, have both the misfortune to be governed by a bunch of crazy religious fanatics, prohibiting their own masses from expressing the power of the people. Two regimes of death, well known both for decapitations, summary executions and arbitrary detentions, while oppressing basic freedoms, act an interplay in the Middle East which transformed the SS into an SI formula .

In Lebanon this translated into the relentless agony of the second republic and Pyrrhic victories of Hezbollah.
After the liberation of South Lebanon a national precious piece of land represented hope, but alas it was squandered by Hezbollah, who consigned the collective national souls to international usury in actively taking part in every single cabinet since 2000.
Hezbollah efforts and narrative focuses on raping benefits, sharing power, controlling foreign policy and state affairs while refusing to be accountable for none. The Syrian quagmire is the latest example.

If this is victory, then what is defeat?

The second question,
Collective political sadism and treachery in state affairs brought us to register 100 billion US dollars of national indebtedness, increasing on daily basis, while public services are running short of any civil expectation.
Considering that residents on Lebanese soil can average 6 million individuals including the refugees, one need to accept that the per capita quota of debt is approximately US Dollars 17000 and augmenting without limits.
The Lebanese state affairs are bankrupt as much as the instated political system, that cartels, gangsters and thieves did put in place. Hence we can easily ask if the payment of the debt will incur as per the confessional division of the politics or it will take a modern turn into sapient reforms?

Perhaps it is high time to learn the teaching that what is built on injustice and usurpation will always be shaken, if not brought down even by the softest wind.
Lately analogies run along the political discourse in Lebanon, the first depicts the fact that Franieh Sr was pardoned and then elected president, as a prelude for Geagea to identify with this path, the second defines the Murphy imposition of Mikhail Daher at the time as revealing for the present day Franjieh Jr candidacy.
Well, Franjieh Sr was in adapt to govern, and his grandson is a great personification of the same, beside the analogy of Franjieh/Geagea and Daher/Franjieh is not effective because in both cases two wrongs don’t make one right.
It is much like the policy of the failed cabinet of PM. Salam deploying landfills or alternatively incinerators or exporting trash , to resolve the national dilemma and the sanitary emergency, while the Lebanese Eco movement indication is crystal clear, time and again. No one is willing to act.

While Lebanese futile thieves, thugs, gangsters, don’s, profiteers of greed, politicians of state demise, are pursuing the neglect and rampage of state assets, the oldest adage is that the civil society and Lebanese communities worldwide will continue to stick with the vision of state building and institutional reforms.
A modern electoral law, a law for gas and oil, decentralization at large, enlarged dialogue to bridge the gap between the state and the citizenry, monitored elections trilogy (municipal, general, presidential), management of national interests in a policy of optimization of resources, are few of many steps to be undertaken without hesitation .
The one and only solution for Lebanon is to transit from an actual cancerous and mortal state of public affairs, into a near future reformed and advanced public projection and revival.
A process that will need decisive and courageous immediate steps, definitely not the ones that black eminence Jumblat is suggesting or anyone of the old guard and pseudo intellectuals or acrobats of political engineering are recommending.
A Lebanese formula, up to the communities’ expectations is on demand contrary to the wrong assumptions of the old guard Berri & Co.
By contrast investigating the whereabouts of the social protest and blaming these young national heroes of the state maladroit policies, is misleading at best if not a conspiracy by intelligence agencies to play at will the hand of their political corrupt masters.
Enslaving the national soul will reveal to be the most lethal arm against Lebanon and it is manifested as open policy by the feudal lords and gangs of monopolies and pseudo bankers.
We the People’s Alliance will require announcing a date in December to launch the first national gathering in preparation for the major responsibilities ahead.

On an ending note it is always useful to assess that Gas & Oil are major vehicles, for regional conflicts, and these implications will stretch upping the ante for international intakes, initiating at the Fault of Tartous, passing by the Caucasus and Ferghana Valley up to the Kurili and the Subi reef.
Most likely Putin’s sanctions against Turkey are the tip of the iceberg that will shift the destination of Russian tourists to Thessaloniki, Sicily and Mallorca Island, while the Black Sea fleet will be busy for long time in tepid waters.
NATO will steadily apply for leasing the Lebanese air base to make sure BP, ENI, Total, Exxon, Nobel energy, interests are ensured and intertwined with the Lebanese state.
Will Russia and China opt for a third Rome in the making? I strongly doubt it. The best alternative remains a nuclear, new and neutral Russia, while the Chinese Popular republic gains more access to international financial platforms as recently witnessed in Frankfurt.

Anyone tuned from Lebanese thieves to Chekists at the Urals up to Beijing?

“ Veritas numquam perit” Truth never perishes, Seneca

Thank You,



The Voice of Independence

November 19, 2015

Dear Reader,
Greetings and Good Day,

Lebanese nationals resident and in the Diaspora, every now and then ask who can be their voice of Independence. In Victorian England many people were fascinated by their past, and the ancient tribal leader Caratacus was adopted as a symbol of national pride and independence.
Assuming that dependence is acceptance of existing rules without investigating further, it is common sense to affirm that Independence is the spirit of change, the desire to advance and the belief in better days for all citizens.
How can a Lebanese corrupt state, run and managed by thieves and thugs, clans and don’s, gangsters and liars interpret the spirit of the nation?

How can these buffoons, who manipulated the intelligence agencies and the armed forces, ensure a safe future for the collective heart of the nation?
It is a shame on the Lebanese Intelligence agencies, and on the armed forces, to silently succumb and be manipulated by a bunch of political perverts and inadequate fascist rulers. Plotting against their own citizens, Lebanese mafiosi politicians, only prolonged the agony of the Lebanese second republic.

These so called masculine henchmen are nothing else than trash.

It is a fact that the mandate of the Lebanese parliament was scheduled to expire in 2013 and a new parliament should have convened to elect a new president. Yet none of this happened, and the urgency in the presidential vacuum obliged the citizenry to deal with the politician’s inadequacy. Therefore we were all looking patiently for the vertical schism of the alliances of 8 and 14 March to provide a miracle and elect a president. A De-facto imposition by arrogance, extended twice the rule of the illegitimate parliament, and these same stupid rulers led us to the idiocy and trap of the national trash, lack of services and indebtedness.
Popular protest erupted and a sense of refusal emerged, the spirit of assertive citizenry was in the making, and its maneuver obliged the gangsters to revise and reconsider.
These militiamen, war lords and absolute tyrants, thought they could stand against the truth, and smash by their coercion, justice and social demands. They miserably understood that unless they cater differently to the institutions there is no way out, and yesterday they finally announced following stubborn oppression, the time limit of two months for a new electoral law.
National priorities change scale and the dynamics caused by the popular protest, indicate a shift in priorities where longing for a new parliament will definitely give better chances for a modern president. In truth reducing the options in each confessional sect to Geagea/Aoun, Jumblatt/Arslan, Berri/Nasrallah, Hariri/Mikati, etc,,, is creating dependence, nurturing fear and increasing the division between the citizens.
The voice of independence is the voice of reason, and it tells us that the priorities are: first to ask for urgency in dealing with the trash crisis, by importing international waste machines and appliances within the plan of the Lebanese Eco movement and by empowering the municipalities.The Mashnouk’s better listen.
Secondly by lobbying for a modern electoral law for municipalities and general elections, where eligible voters will be from 18 years old, female and youngsters quotas will be in vigor, age limit for candidates up to 60 years will be respected, proportional law principle on nation scale implemented, and big electoral districts from 1 to 4 for general elections identified. Most important will be the expenditure monitoring, media allotment, and the declaration of possession, added to public funds allocation.
On this regard it is recommended to introduce the regulation of state funding for political entities, (not necessarily only parties), who succeed to secure a minimum of 5 % of the voters suffrage. The funding will be extended by the sovereign funds created from the extraction of oil and gas in the offshore maritime sectors.
I say funds because the idea is to create 3 funds, irrespective of the extraction location and the amount these will generate. This will be divided as follows, north fund 20 % of hydrocarbon revenue, south fund 20 %, and rest of the country 60 %. These funds will permit part of the money to be devolved to finance the political entities to represent the citizenry in a just and encompassing way. Decentralized options will be carried out.
From above it is a necessity to move forward with the law for hydrocarbon extraction, in the new parliament, immediately after electing a new president.
It is recommended also for sure that the People’s Alliance, the opposition umbrella under which all movements, individuals, NGO’s, scouts, associations, etc, will operate, start thinking politically big and prepare for the municipal and general elections, by displaying nationwide candidates.
Everyone should remember that WWII was won not only for the D Day, but also because of Stalingrad, and the good services of Lucky Luciano in Sicily as stated by US Naval Intelligence.
I am no leftist, but the Lebanese left has every right to exert its own policy and to choose if, to be part of the People’s Alliance or to position itself at will.
The fact remains that “We the People’s Alliance” playing at unison under one maestro’s guidance, will run the show. We detain the intellectual upper hand.
Thirdly a new national security plan will be devised pointing at innovation, creativity, preparedness and capability, by sustaining alliances and including paramilitary organic and leasing an air force base for security empowerment.
Last but not least an economy, oriented to job creation will finally see the day where,cartels, monopolists, pseudo bankers, pseudo intellectuals, pseudo resistance and profiteers will downsize their aspirations and traffics, for the best interest of the Lebanese.
The voice of Independence is the voice of the third republic, the trend of peaceful change and rotation in power.

For the citizenry to raise and always speak up, for law and order to prevail, for accountability to reign, for sense making to propagate, I wish Lebanon a Happy Independence Day on Sunday.

To Independence I say,

“…..And my kiss will dissolve,the silence that makes you mine!… ” Calaf, Turandot

Thank You,


November 16, 2015

Dear Reader,
Greetings and Good Day,

“ … Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.
And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.
And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.” On Death by Khalil Gibran

Retrieval is the word I wish to choose as opposed to every terror act, violence, atrocity, discrimination, perpetrated hatred or act of injustice.
Far from any moralist stand or exploitation of events for vested interests, retrieval of the global soul is an absolute requirement in the contemporary world.
Different terror settings attacked Lebanon, France, Turkey before hand, Iraq and Spain also, these nets of social divide didn’t spare many other countries such as South Korea, Indonesia, India, China, Russia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Thailand, the US, Cambodia, Japan, Kenya, Burundi, etc..
Accomplices of these networks of hate are also governments applying oppression against their own populations. The heinous barrel bombs of the butcher Bashar Assad, the practices of the Basij forces in Iran, the repression against journalistic/social media freedoms in Russia, the multiple environmental pollution in China, the apartheid policies of the government of Netanyahu illegally occupying large portions of Palestine, the effort to change history books in South Korea and the dictatorship elements reigning in North Korea, the nonchalant policies of the trash cabinet in Lebanon, are all contributing to foment major social disturbances and disorders, imposed by unilateral tyrants or bad rulers at best .
During the past weekend flair of analyses were written to describe the environment surrounding terror acts in Beirut and Paris in particular. Both capitals were hit few days ago by multiple attacks, with several people dead and injured. While condemnation is a must, obligatory also is to assess with objectivity the true flags of these operations. It is known and tracked that western interests significantly contributed to the ascent of radicalism and fundamentalism since the days of Afghanistan and this is ongoing, therefore our effort must concentrate today on practical measures to identify solutions.
How can the Islamic State that erased the WWII borders be stopped and which new borders will be recognized in the upcoming new geopolitical atmosphere?
It goes without saying that to stop ISIS, you need to put boots on the ground and therefore I imagine that sooner than later a joint NATO operation with mainly British/French/Turkish troops will carve and allot large swathes of territories in SYRAQ and make out of these a counterbalancing act against the presence of the Russians on the Mediterranean coast and the Iranians in Southern Iraq.
NATO will require a logistic base for its operations and effectively Rene Mouawad Air Base formerly and still sometimes known as Kleyate in Lebanon will be franchised for this purpose, no if’s or buts. A win-win reality for all players considering that major geological and hydrocarbon interests are in play in this tiny nation, where the Lebanese cabinet, the thieves, the thugs, the cartels, the pseudo resistance taking hostage the sovereign foreign policy, and the clans are in continuous interplay for remunerative business.
These local emirs of trash, last week gathered without shame in their unconstitutional legislative sessions to approve much needed anti money laundering measures and included a myriad of draft laws, some of importance others as vehicles to augment the perpetual corruption.
Luckily these gangsters had the decency to send back to the Lebanese cabinet of failure, the draft that pertain the funds related to the 2012 public expenditure.
Yesterday not far from Lebanon and at less than two hours flight, in the city of Thessaloniki in Greece, The 31st Philoxenia ended , which saw this year the trio Philoxenia- Hotelia- Polis join forces to welcome exhibitors. And obviously more than one exhibitor had on display International waste machines capable to transform sorted waste at origin to more usable and less voluminous sizes, for the sake of zero waste environments and a better citizenry.
While everyone is concerned about the fate of Greek debt, and expressing Grexit outlooks on the long run, financial engineers will look presumably into unconventional solutions such as the emission of Greek bonds denominated in Israeli Shekels. An opening for new architectures in the Mediterranean.
This international dynamic is happening while trash is still inundating the city of Beirut and where his corruption the speaker Ave Nabih is still closing Nijmeh Square.
This post is dedicated to the embryonic and nascent People’s alliance the Lebanese opposition gathering under which all movements, individuals, scouts, NGO’s, Associations, and syndicates will operate to legally take power and express governance and guidance for the rule of law and order, within an accountable political elite.

“…….The self you think is nowhere’-
is not the self
who’s really now here..
Just go back into that closet,
past the uniform guards.
Find the coal that is still burning,
find the goal that got discarded
when you gave up your true yearning,
and sealed the inner chambers of your heart.
When you know you have a choice
you can give your words a voice,
before the swindlers steal your harmony.
There’s no price tag on your value,
don’t sell out to any buyer,
don’t let them douse the fire lying
deep in karmic pockets of your core.
No matter what it cost,
find the treasures that you lost
when you traded gentle dreams
to those who schemed for your decisions.
Go back, retrieve those visions,
and recall the inspiration;
knife through a door of liberation
that draws you to the grandeur of your life.” Soul Retrieval By Yehudis Fishman

Thank You,

Only one Rooster, The People’s Third Republic

November 5, 2015

Dear Reader,
Greetings and Good Day,

This is an open letter to the Lebanese Speaker of the Parliament.

Time and again Lebanon reveals to be a sum of non states. Since the end of the civil conflict in the nineties, a second republic was launched in a constitutional effort to rebuild the institutions. The people expected a commission for truth and reconciliation to speak up and clarify all facts, and to tutor the national security and supreme national interests.

Unfortunately since 20 October 1992 until 2005, your supervision and co-management of state affairs led to a total failure and dismemberment of the structure of the nation state. This period achieved the construction of a down town in Beirut, the liberation of the land from two occupying armies, but also accomplished the destruction of the ethics of the republic.
Eventually this revealed to be a very high cost indeed to bear.

Yet the national conscience, We the People, was prompt and enabled a second attempt, giving the benefit of the doubt to a political class endangered by multiple foreign threats, Syrian and Israeli.

From 2005 until 2015, general elections were held, and governments were formed, however to our big surprise, the expansion of the consensus practices professed mainly by the party of the resistance led to a detriment of all checks and balances, accountability went missing, corruption skyrocketed, state budgets none exist and responsibilities became blurring.

The silence politics of your party and allies endangered at this stage not only the ethics but also the national cohesion. A conflict erupted between classic and traditional vertical divisions of differing and diverging confessions of the sectarian system; this blocked the daily life of the republic and brought us to the actual crisis of Trash and beyond. To be objective and specific I must say that the personal aspiration of Michel Aoun sponsored by a regional supreme leader, has a major share in the republican blockade.

This tiny nation, Lebanon, is now living on borrowed time and it will lose its historic heart sooner than later, contrary to our belief and common sense. The stubborn formula applied so far in repression, compression and oppression of a nascent civil protest albeit inexperienced, is a symptom of arrogance and further defeat. The rule of the land instead of evolving to secular sane governance remained bathed by Militia interests of multiple and confessional non state actors.

One can easily say that you and your allies including the Lebanese Forces, are subject to a different addiction, although drug free (referring to the latest campaign of Samir Geagea), but still much polluted in a policy as far as Mars from Zero Waste collection.
Please read the Eco Movement proposal and enrich your intellect.
Your bravado announcing the sage ” كل ديك على مزبلته صياح ” is totally wrong.

We are moving from bad to worse, and now you have the stamina to kick back through your office boy MP Ali Bazzi to call for a Parliament session, where we ignore your agenda and the draft laws leading to which national architecture. Your efforts are commendable to pursue a national dialogue and to keep up the spirit of the Second republic, if it was not that the time of the second republic is over.
But you are not aware, Wake up AVE NABIH,

Your Corruption, Excellency! Mr. Speaker of the illegitimate and self-extended parliament,

Lebanon was a nation and will never be so again, unless we all do something. The latest social protests that erupted are a clear signal that you need to accelerate the engine of the Lebanese reforms and untie these from the regional clock. As you know we are surrounded by hell, and there is not much largesse to be extended by foreign powers each looking for its own interest.
I will help you and give you two hints.
As you are a veteran, I shall remind you and all starters that Lebanese soil is not a monopoly for anyone, therefore you need to open up Nijmeh square on Independence Day for all people to celebrate and sing the song of freedom, to spur life in the veins of the youngsters and inject faith and hope in the country.
As you know we register annually more than 20000 graduates per year and perhaps 1000 of them succeed to find a job in Lebanon, this passive and deadly trend is encompassing all the society.

Nabih think about it,
There is an imminent requirement to enlarge the national dialogue sessions. And here is my second hint.
While it is true that the presidency is having a vacuum, it is also true that we can’t wait indefinitely for a consensus to build in order to move forward.

There is urgency to proceed and that is by applying the Lebanese Constitution which stipulates in its PART VI article 95 that “The Chamber of Deputies that is elected on the basis of equality between Muslims and Christians shall take the appropriate measures to bring about the abolition of political confessionalism according to a transitional plan”.
You only need to humbly form the enlarged national committee as stated in the constitution, (with the exclusion of course of the president who is not there), but the inclusion of the social protest and other independents of course, and stress the case for dialogue and for reforms to take place.
Preside this last attempt and let us all move forward in activating the third republic.

Whenever you will follow your illegitimate legislative session scheduled next week, this will endanger further the national cohesion and render lasting and irreversible failure, pervasive among all Lebanese.

You lost almost three decades, don’t lose also the last extra mile.
You know very well that your time is over, and that the only rooster in town is the Lebanese people, hence activate pragmatism and do what is necessary to do.
The cure is a national and collective committee as a surgery to relief the actual disease of the republic, make it happen.
History is watching.

Thank you,