Lebanon Speaking Up

October 23, 2015

Dear Reader,
Greetings and Good Day,

This is an open letter to the Lebanese Civil Society, followed by an interact and the reply to the daughters and sons of the republic,

Lebanon Speaking Up,The popular protest: evolution, dilemmas, strategy and the virtuous project for Lebanon.

Good Morning dear Lebanese civil society in all your colorful variety and beautiful purity!

Subtle observers of Lebanese affairs concord, that this tiny nation rivets an importance, which exceeds its geographic size or the geological physics of its total area.
Analysts agree that what emerges so far clearly, from the social protest, conducted by some mushroom movements, a small part of the bigger, comprehensive and wider “We the People”; is that no single person or association, no group or NGO can claim the trade mark of the popular uprising.
The popular protest and the social refusal that emerge from within the civil society, against the heinous practices of the Lebanese confessional and fascist state, are a healthy sign of dynamism and vitality; and a wake-up call from apathy or passivity, albeit insufficient so far to alter the equation of state mismanagement, environmental detriment and of the imposed status quo in robbery, eradication and inadequacy.
Lebanon is an equation of valor for some; it merges several diversities including the secular one, and a multitude of confessions. It applies a constitutional parliamentary democratic system, although its same constitution was repeatedly obliterated since its inception.
Instability, or creative daily chaos as raison d’être seems to be the secret of different eras for others, where coexistence suffered greatly and international arrangements had to ensure periodic truces between contenders.
Lebanese citizens residents and abroad, perhaps like to define their uniqueness in interpreting the spirit of freedom, by continuously “projecting goodness on the butter of their anima” in a poetic and metaphoric sense.
Yet expanded consensual practices in the politics of Lebanon altered the significance of good governance. Vertical divisions affected the system of the state; the government of laws became a rampage of assets as per allocation between ineffective politicians, greedy confessional sheikhs and cardinals, militia warlords or filibuster exploiters of the concept of orange reform and/ or holy resistance.
From another side, profiteers, thieves and thugs, transformed a down town reconstruction, which followed the existing, and yet to be fully implemented, constitutional national accord; into a unique opportunity to accumulate national debt, to impede any state budget transparency thanks to Mr.Sanioura and co., to speculate on a multitude of transactions, to relax all regulations and to embezzle public funds. Robbery Inc. is the registered trade mark of all politicians.
The actual second republic reached its corrupt zenith and there is no light at the horizon. Failure propagated in the social tissue and confused the impotent and idiotic political elite.
Disco’s are in rage while healthcare is not functioning, leave alone the armed forces obliged to execute, without sharing conviction in irrational orders to subdue the society; or needy families who lost hope by embarking killing waves sold by merchants of death.
Trash coupled to maladies morphed and threats to the national security abounded. Foreign policy is only expressed by a confessional group with foreign allegiance that monopolized the collective decision to go to war.
Gangsters, militias, traffickers, outlaws, dependent judiciary, failed generals, public sector employees, pseudo bankers, ministers, MP’s and monopolists, activated nepotism and affiliations, aggrandized the perimeter of collective dependence, of general escape from individual rights, and transformed the public living into an inflated, unregulated and indebted Ga-Ga.
Make no mistake, this network of spiders, is an association for delinquency tout court, consigning the nation to the masters of usury, erasing any serious control by the citizenry.
Waste of public resources is recurrent and some three months ago, social and popular protests erupted after July 17th closure of the landfill of shame. This culminated by the dissemination of national discord, because of the mechanization of the political failed elite, and its effort, to hinder the purity of youngsters and defeat their inexperience. Commandeering the armed police into abuse, repression, compression and oppression, yielded only urine tests coupled to imprisonment and enslavement of dignity.

Lebanon once a founding member of the United Nations, of the Arab league and in possess of a UNESCO patrimony, holding a magnificent historic heritage, lost its compass. Demonstrators were tear- gassed, surrounded and imprisoned and sued by inappropriate laws, by “FARAMANS” and military courts. The standstill is resonant and the future is black.
Similar to Lebanese oil dormant on the sea basin, illicit dealer’s efforts are ongoing to hypnotize the people in an eternal sleep far from their sacrosanct rights, within legal and universal checks and balances.
“People have lost faith and became weary of this never ending crisis.… They look forward to a better future, but lost the taste of combat” a very dear friend Ms. Joumana Faddoul, elaborated.

The malpractice in the expanded consensual Lebanese system, erased differences between political parties, and they all became equally responsible for the collective failures. The impossibility to decipher clear lines of responsibility, empowered by the total lack of accountability renders further proof of Institutional blank.
The collective achievement of the mafia in power is reduced to control a mob trying to regain innocent access to public squares, and to permanently extend the mandate of the parliament and its legislative committees.

His Corruption the speaker, a paradox of representation, is perpetual alike his hailers or avers. AVE NABIH is the gap separating the Lebanese population, those at home are subjects to their leaders, while those abroad freely contribute to their hosting societies (in Canada where recently 4 Lebanese descendant parliament members were elected, in South America, Australia, and Africa, or even Singapore where the newlywed Christelle Harb is living).
Indignity is paramount in the public sphere and there is a major need to assess the situation, and envisage useful steps for the upcoming future. Illegitimacy is redundant and deafening, abuse is exhaustive, injustice is cancerous, economics are meticulously drowning, and idleness and joblessness are propagating, as much as strikes and shortages.
The second republic became only a number, 2.

While it is true that the establishment is a unified monolith in responsibilities, with clear and compelling immobility, a fact that derives from the outcome of ineffective dialogue sessions, and from the proven impossibility to fill institutional vacuums, especially after 30 empty attempts to elect a president so far. In the same token, it is also remarkably true that only the civil society and what emerges from it can shake and break the stalemate.
How can the social protest, daughters and sons of the civil society pursue peace and stability? Which tools the popular protest can undertake to transform an amoral repressive Lebanese state into an optimist, flourishing, and harmonious, democratic and representative one?
Transition is delicate and sensitive. What do you think is the best course to exit the status-quo, which strategy to follow? Stays put as a public protest or evolve into a political factor for effective change?
Should the Lebanese protest unite under a same umbrella and take power? Incurring the risk of being perceived as impostors much similar to the mafia in power?

The Interact
MMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHH (voice and noise un-deciphered)
A fracas is heard and I am being forcibly interrupted.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (Currency coins for trade)

The reply of the civil society to the daughters and sons of the republic,

The Civil Society relentlessly moved its curly hair and said with a profound voice: Who is knocking on my door?
Don’t you know that a population who lived since the inception of humanity on a grab of land, those who invented the alphabet and the coin for trade, will extricate themselves eventually! Stay out of this and Keep the people moving in their daily lives, learning, and working, go- getting here and abroad, why bothering? Furthermore why should I give you gnome citizen a free advice to build a state for all, while you are drunk by your usual and resonant selfishness and egocentricity?

Astonished I replied, dear civil society, say your word, converse or be tacit forever!

The civil society stared at me and said:
Kid, my beloved Son,

Don’t be arrogant; we don’t want to cross from a fascist state to another.
How dare you add on me more weight than the one I already carry? I survive the seconds animatedly and grow confident eternally, life is a mystic of creation and Lebanon is a fruit to bear. Our tiny nation already registered so many waves of emigration and immigration, during centuries, in both directions, our hospitality is famous and our incompetence and pervasive chaos also.
Do you think you can repair hundreds of years of occupation, colonialism, divisiveness and pseudo independence?
Shall I remind you that expectations and perceptions are not reality and that protest is not representation? I am sure you are aware that representation also shifts the same as science does. American cancer society is now recommending women have mammograms later and less.

Let us analyze your options.
While it is paramount to elaborate a plan, a project based on short, medium and long term phases, it is also necessary to realize that your dilemma needs to be solved rather than lived.
You can remain a mumbo Jumbo popular protest, with contained risk and well known costs, accumulating small gains, while your action is confined to clear limits that you can’t trespass. The outcome will be to add pressure, while incapable to change the playground.

Or you can evolve into a political force, a consequential factor of change, augment your risks, keep constant monitoring on your costs, and potentially add a lot to your possible gains, if you deploy a successful policy.
Becoming a political force will project on you, leverage to modify the political spectrum, although you will become subject to deals, betrayals, secrets, while the international and regional players will circumvent you to ply you constantly as per their own interests.

Daughters and Sons of the popular protest!
Let bygones be bygones.
Do you want me to elaborate about the Middle East, the regional problems, the local struggle, the neighboring war? Or shall we stick to facts without rhetoric?
Starting from a description of the present, I can easily assess diffused bad governance and a state of divisive tumult in many 20th century nation/states. In an area where infinite specifics, cultural definitions, intellectual norms and small characterizations tend to protect the nucleus or the groupings, social ties tend to elevate history to perpetual synchrony of codes, image and replications. It is a matter of learning, ethics and exchange, to become familiar with thoughts basing governance on freedoms, elections, taxation and services.
As you know states are being reconstituted and Russian choppers in Hmaimim are simultaneously flying with US A-10 warthogs in Incirlik. Consider my prediction with care, there is no better time to negotiate an agreement with Russia vis a’ vis Syria than the next 3 to 4 months and today a meeting will take place already between power brokers on this regard.
Yet with all diplomatic implications, the Lebanese model isn’t any exception; it’s all about taking power and exerting good guidance.
Are you sure you want this? Can’t you see Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Kurdistan, etc…

Do you want to become Finland/Poland or Somalia/South Sudan? What is your target?
It is more about opportunities to citizens in terms of labor and entrepreneurial spirit rather than educating consumers to open markets, red tapes and briberies.

I can see ahead a long way for you, where you will remain a popular protest with some innovations introduced for some six months on the short term, while preparing for a national political conference in the spring on the middle run, نطالب_بمؤتمر_للحراك # , and advancing your siege on the state to take power on the long term.

Daughters and Sons of the republic,

So much so, assuming you will work on the 3 phases, it is obvious that to get there you need to focus on what you achieved so far as a popular protest and strengthen your stand. Beside you need to activate a mechanism where you transparently elect a corpus of your own representation, to speak both with the civil society and with your antagonists.
You already and wisely envisaged before, that only the civil society can determine mobility and exit the status-quo. Hence you need to call on local delegates to manifest their will and emerge ( 7irak el Jabal is doing something similar and Akkar also ), and call afterwards on a national conference to elect a representative body in February preferably نطالب_بمؤتمر_للحراك # , this will move forward the prism of statesmanship and re-position national legitimacy and sovereignty.

Daughters and Sons!
You will always need to speak up your mind, and whenever you chose to embark on this step, there is no return, as you will be walking in uncharted territory, unexplored, full of regional mines and international stress, leave alone local bigotry and animosity.
Start local and grow global is the famous saying, well just do it, don’t wait for big strategies or doctrines to be put in place, or contingency plans to be achieved, you don’t have this luxury. You need to deal with your nationals that betrayed the state, but how will you do this?

Maintain the initiative, tirelessly, the timeline is on your side, it is not anymore about gaining maneuver, unconventional or conventional tactics. This will become about taking power and leading.

Can you do this? Are you capable to lead by expressing representation from the people to the people? This isn’t about quarter committees it is about exceptional measures for exceptional times.
Whenever you assess your conscience, and you fit the role, then I recommend you work immediately on spreading the word, and select local bodies where possible, that will gather in a national spring conference نطالب_بمؤتمر_للحراك # to render visible an elected leadership that will seek to take power.

The equation and formula is easy, under the same umbrella, different political actors can pursue legitimacy and sovereignty, in an end game to take power and exert it for the best national interest of Lebanon.

There are different examples you can look into, the American New Deal Coalition, the Peace Nobel Tunisian Coalition, the Italian Olive coalition, the Greek Syriza, and the upcoming Japanese coalition requested by Ichiro Ozawa to gain the DIET in Tokyo.

Almost one month separates us from Independence Day, and until then you can proceed with low intensity actions, but most important you should reinforce your achievements.

Multiple events need to be planned on Independence Day. On Sunday November 22nd a long day can start, from 9h00 to 13h00 Souk Abu Rakhoussa to take place with street vendors and a fleet market , and a memorial display to be placed in Riad Solh Square in front of the statue, in order to remember the 22 August events and what followed and ensued.
From 13h00 to 16h00 a major happening (music, snacks, and beverage) and political show to take place in Martyrs Square, where the road map will be introduced to the grand public by Ms. Joumana Talhouk from the AUB secular Club.

From 16h00 to 19h00 a delegation of the popular protest will be authorized to enter Nijmeh Square, where at least 100 representatives of mushroom movements will read their memorandums, and talk to the grand public, clear and loud, TV anchors, majors and representatives will be authorized to access the square and the whole event will be live on screens in Martyrs Square and at Lebanese homes.
A dark chapter of repression will be finally closed, and Nijmeh Square will be widely open on Independence Day for a legitimate opposition to express its free thoughts.
N.B. (This delegation option had to be executed since August 22, if not for some protesters stubbornness and major deficiencies by state representatives dancing on the floors of a Mediterranean Island).

Daughters and Sons!
Make your choices, democracy practices are not only protests, and we can’t only be corrosive to combat a fascist state.
Chose well your representatives and play at unison, we can’t disperse the Lebanese, and your task is to unite and to lead. What will follow will be a push action from the empowered and representative umbrella opposition, against the failed system, to immediately activate a solution for the trash, by funding the municipalities, as per the popular protest agenda.
Furthermore the requirement will be to elect an interim president at the earliest convenience (it is known that I support Mrs. Nadine Moussa for this Interim task), to call on a Beirut 1 comprehensive conference in April 2016 to meet and agree on a proportional electoral law based on big districts, Diaspora representation, 18 years old eligibility, quotas for young and gender, age limits and mandates limits, to be followed by municipal elections ( July 2016) and general elections ( August 2016).
I second the young Ms. Joumana Talhouk to preside the delegation of the opposition to the Beirut 1 conference.
Lebanon first means municipal proportional elections first.
After this, the newly elected parliament will form a cabinet and walk through the constitution to fully implement it and amend a couple of articles of it.

Finally you can say welcome to the new born Third republic, and to the economic rebirth and to security checks and balances for Lebanon. Ms. Karine Khoueiry will be happily marketing on Instagram, Mrs.Rosa Bouchayaa can sell her hotel rooms, Mr. Charbel Daniel will cater in his Daniel’s Land, Mr. Antoine Khoury will display new models in his salon, Mr. Georges Choueiry will get married, Mr. Mahmoud Fakha will raise his children, Mrs. Samar Abdallah will become a GM, Mr. Mohammad Zein will put a smile on all faces, all in all, a flurry of happenings representing the true life of Lebanon.

But you can’t stop your tedious job as it will be continuous in the state building and in accountability.

Daughters and Sons!
This is a very arduous task, but it will give you strength and hope in the future, at any rate, if the vested interests react and they will do so, stand up and advance your flag, as these gangs of politicians reached a surreal concept that they are invincible, when mark my words , Invincible they are not.

Bookmakers will always trade you as losers; hence you should advance your protest slowly but surely by pursuing reforms and political deeds.

Organize your ranks, go and win the legitimacy, take power, ensure growth and prosperity for the citizenry, and please don’t knock my door asking for advice always.

Mature yourself and grow up to face challenges, as “We the People” do every single day, loaded in traffic jams, in shortage of services, in security threats and insecurity about the future.

Your strategy and virtuous project is one, proceed in Legitimacy and take power, you have my heart.

MMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHH (voice and noise un-deciphered)

Daughters and Sons of the republic could only indulge.

The End,

Thank you,


The Lebanese State : Moral Bankruptcy and Fascism 

October 18, 2015

Dear Reader,

Greetings and Good Day ,
On a wonderful Sunday morning where Mediterranean Olive is ripe to harvest, one might ask how the actual crisis
in Syria will unfold ?
To assess an appropriate reply we need to take a wide detour in geopolitics . As usual we start east and realize that
unless freedom of navigation principle, will be reinforced in the South China Sea, any nation might go alone to exploit
features as a ruse to claim and expand sovereignty, in a sea of immense resources for all.
China is conducting a corruption campaign, yet tightening simultaneously liberties, where Facebook or Instagram are
non existent, leave alone open source research engines. Control is exerted on all devices and hacking is becoming a common practice into cyber fare, erasing the public and private separation and confounding the military with the non military purposes.
Much of a dragon confusion.
The same goes for Russia which went solo in elaborating schemes for Ukraine and its near abroad, transforming the lives of people into assets of gas and oil for the benefit of the Russian nomenclature, a state of thugs and dacha’s, recently aggrandized in Sochi a status of lawlessness. Putin the Chekist managed to reform the military relatively to awaken the bear, while keeping dormant main liberties.
Russian status is on demand, for who finds it to call the Kremlin.
Uniformity is the case where gas and oil are used as arms for power and assets for bargain.
Lately the base of Hmaimim near Latakia ,is the expression of power projection , devised to fail in purpose and deed
for the bad fortunes of the Chekist.
In fact while Putin is stressing a Grozny case in Aleppo, POTUS is working to adjust mechanism of intervention in Eurasia.
The troops reduction in Afpak, was not applied and an extension until 2017 was the announced case, for 5500 troops
to remain deployed in 3 bases , central , east and south. Covert efforts will most likely be the case in Syraq where the US will resort to a policy of advancing its own interests by indirect means as an upcoming scenario.
Diplomats are keen to introduce the analogy between Daytona for Bosnia and Geneva for Syria, however most forget that we are not in Europe and what was right in the nineties isn’t nowadays, especially for Russia.  Turkey, Iran, Israel, Egypt, KSA, and Russia are entangled in a course of death , and resorting to the skills of the late mediator Richard Holbrook will not yield.
Let us think again, while everyone is having a twist around Syrian dancers , the only nation benefiting from the struggle now is the USA.
Hence the Syrian Crisis is here to stay for long, and a major drain of resources will apply on Russo/Iranian/Hezbollah assets in particular.
Dynamics somehow will affect also Turkey , Israel, KSA and others who have minority problems . The pattern is equal , Middle Eastern countries including Israel are vigorous in exerting fascism in the state legality.
Wahabi Al Saoud and Iranian supreme leader represent together with the government of Netanyahu, and the Lebanese Cabinet a rare intersection in practices of oppression and repression. They are the pedestal of political irrelevance and  obfuscating of liberties.
The Lebanese state which is a by pass of both regimes in Riyadh and Tehran , couldn’t express a worse example of ineffectiveness and corruption.  Instead of opening to reforms and widening to a modern state, moral bankruptcy is pervasive in Beirut and fascism is the element of governance .
Freedoms are suppressed, mafia lords are trying to pass a stupid trash plan, by exerting a major repression, having failed to negotiate interalia  an allocation of powers to reinvigorate the institutions, leave alone elect a president, approve a state budget, elaborate a growth and job creation policy.  Mafia lords think they scored a point lately by attacking unarmed men and women of the social protest, yet they forget that the civil society has a lot of reserves, in the arsenal.
The equation today is clear , the thieves and thugs, gangsters of the republic from the Future, to Aounists, LF, Amal, Hezb, etc,,,, all included are requested to call on an immediate conference Beirut 1 for reform, with the social movement including a wide variety of representatives, that will go on consecutive meetings to select and elect an interim president for 18 months, approve a new proportional law to start with municipal elections to be followed by general elections. Only then can wider constitutional reforms be negotiated and drafted. Michel Aoun is such a stubborn and opportunist old man, he doesn’t realize that he will not be elected or any of his siblings as president of Lebanon.
The civil society has multiple lanes and if one has a halt , another will move forward, therefore the profiteers are warned to change attitude and listen to the voice of reason or else they will face the wrath of politics and the Syrian conundrum will reverberate on their heads.
This is an official warning, to release the last detained by Monday evening , tomorrow, and to exert some useful rational choking point and make sense of the final stage of the second agonizing republic, opening the door wide for the third republic.
Stupid practices and announcements as the ones called for by Alain Hakim or Ammar Houri for the more trash than plan proposed by the government are non nonsensical,  whenever this warning will not generate positive effect then we tell these stupid politicians to shoulder their own responsibilities for their own fates.
Freedom and Beirut 1 yesterday before tomorrow,
Got the message ? Lebanese politicians and Idiots !
Thank you,

The parliament Syndrome

October 16, 2015

Dear Reader,
Greetings and Good Day,

Good morning to all Lebanese citizens Residents and in the Diaspora, from the father and the mother of the protest against the Lebanese system of failure.
Before starting to trace and to place some events in their exact context, it is my desire to take you in a wider perspective of geopolitical landscape in Eurasia in general and the Middle East in particular.
Let me begin with the Chinese dossier, where anti corruption campaign pursued by the Chinese president to reinforce his own stance versus the old guard is yielding major results, placing him with unprecedented powers since Chairman Mao. Yet President Xi Jinping after his visit to the US and before his upcoming visit to the UK didn’t enlighten us further about his vision. We last had a briefing about his OBOR (one belt one road) policy, willing to reinstate a Silk Road of infrastructure, however evidently challenges to Chinese economy positioned such immense efforts into the back list of priorities. In front of unfolding events in the Middle East from Libya to Syria, China is watching impotent, trying to filter the constructions built on its South China Sea features and to make them up with a defensive nature only. Observers are keen to realize that soon a US FONOP (freedom of navigation operation) most likely to take place from 11 to 13 December, will be announced and conducted, to reaffirm world liberties and the international system balances. This mixed (coast guard vessels and Littoral ones) FONOP will almost entail all features from different nationalities of the SCS (South China Sea).
Looking with another glass to a different perimeter we can easily say that major hurdles persist in the Russian sphere where Chekist Putin is trying to negotiate diplomatic sorties on different fronts to strengthen his military adventures and bring back home some political results. Yet what is true in Minsk isn’t in Geneva. German Chancellor wide perspective on European interests recommended a long term approach; hence the fake elections in Donbas were swallowed by Kiev through the good offices of the Franco German alliance. As immediate result Mariupol has a better fresh air, but most important Putin and his defense minister could deploy military assets elsewhere. So we leave Ukraine trading again gas with Russia, and head off to the Syrian north.

Here near Lattakia, lately and since late September in an aerial base a major military buildup brought Russian assets into the battlefield. This Russian projection of power is now coupled to Iranian and Cuban human assets in a concerted effort to re-float the chances of Bashar the killer of his own people, a butcher who lost human resources and most important lost local and international legitimacy.
Sukhoi last models and untested aircraft’s are taking to the skies, long distance ballistic missiles were launched from the Caspian Sea, and low altitude attack choppers are paving the way in pounding Syrian rebel’s ramifications and control zones. A major offensive is in the making where the fate of a multitude of interests is interconnected. Oil and Gas in the Eastern Mediterranean is at stake, but hold on how come there is a military hot line with Tel Aviv? Why Russia is tutoring the northern boundaries of Israel struggling against a renewed Intifada? Seemingly the struggle is long and we all need to fasten our seat belts , for the risky period ahead.
It goes without saying that the racist government of Mr. Netanyahu who is an ineffective prime minister, has to be reshuffled and enlarged to become a unity cabinet enabling new elections to take place. Spotting fears of the Jewish public opinion, to stay in power, is no longer a policy for Netanyahu; he must realize that only peace with the state of Palestine can reinforce Israeli interests on the long run together to a Denuclearized zone in the Middle East.
Turkish interests also are threatened by the Kurdish national demands, ahead of a general election in November, where Mr. Tayyep Erdogan is projected to lose the relative majority and his era announced to come to an end.

WAW, where then is the US foreign policy standing in all this? Obviously with challenges in Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Syria, Iran and ultimately Lebanon, the US is navigating now in company of Cyrillic characters. Putin is trying to ride the tide, and increase the benefits of negotiation with Moscow, to reach a wider objective and be reinstated as a global power with recognized sphere of influence, a realist approach, albeit much obsolete. This ex KGB guy isn’t updated with world trends; he invested his time in renovating some Russian capabilities which empowered his daltonism to mistakenly take every leader for Mrs. Merkel who correctly is working locally in Europe.

Putin has a Merkel syndrome.
While it was easy to diagnose the case of Putin, Nobel scientists stopped in front of the case of His Corruption the Lebanese speaker Mr. Nabih Berri who proudly announced from Romania that the Cedar Nation will eventually overcome its own Stinky problems!
What is Berri’s Syndrome?
We all know that the Vatican is growing impatient with the Lebanese vacuum, and that the extended US ambassador in Lebanon still considers the election of a president easier than running general elections, but few know what will be the fate of Lebanon as a nation state.
So before we analyze the recent social protest expressed by the mushroom movements under the umbrella of the civil society, asking if the unconventional and conventional tactics coupled to a centralized strategy oriented to enter the public area of Nijmeh square yielded or not, or if a vertical popular leadership was better than a horizontal piercing, it is more consequential to ask the appropriate question in my opinion.
The question is: Did Lebanon fail or not as a system running the second republic? The answer is simple: Lebanon failed the second republic, it didn’t create checks and balances, it obliterated the constitution, it generated corruption, red tape, nepotism, bad governance, it empowered war lords, it erased the public sphere, it lost control on its territory, it couldn’t project coexistence, never had a commission of truth and national reconciliation, it didn’t’ yield reforms, it lost its compass, it filled its own streets with trash, etc.. Etc…
Mr. Berri’s syndrome is obviously the Nijmeh Square, The Parliament Syndrome, a malady taking on all Lebanese politicians, from all sects and parties, where their personas are more important than the public thing affecting the nation as a whole ,Lebanon. Those mafia lords are interested in keeping their power centers, and those acting against them from within are much about the other side of the same coin. There is no difference between the Lebanese Speaker in power since decades, and any populist Aounist or Futurist, all are thieves and thugs.
Escaping from our own Freedom, by appealing on a retired commando general to take the rein of the republic, is similar to the practices of totalitarianism and uniformity. We most need reform minded leaders to express governance and guidance.
We need not to be a fascist country, subject to martial law or to police exuberance, rather a free country widely open for inventions and innovation.
Freedom is different; it is the flavor that detainees will savor today after their liberation, following courageous acts where holding the torch of truth in a very dark society was their only aim.
The Lebanese society is lamenting its own agony, where knights of liberty are doing a great endeavor to cut the snake of the disease with scissors of love from the third republic.

And this is the uniqueness of the third republic as it will achieve better days for Lebanon in deeds not in talks.

This post is dedicated to the five guys that were imprisoned since 8 October.

Thank you,

The Sukleenis

October 11, 2015

Dear Reader,

Greetings and Good Day ,

“Ahi lasso, or è stagion de doler tanto a ciascun om che ben ama Ragione, ch’eo meraviglio u’ trova guerigione, ca morto no l’ha già corrotto e pianto, vedendo l’alta Fior sempre granata e l’onorato antico uso romano ch’a certo pèr, crudel forte villano,….”  Guittone D’Arezzo  1267 A.D.

As I am now in italy, I couldn’t begin without mentioning a great activist since 1267.

Following the recent violent attitude unprecedented in its scale, exerted by the Lebanese police commandeered by a bunch of political losers, one must investigate the strategy behind such deplorable and condemned acts of crime.

Needless to say that we don’t need to write treaties or dissertations to realize how silly and stupid is the maneuver of the collapsed regime to reinvent itself from trash and scratch.

The strategy applied is simply to attack the ranks and files of the social protest in order to disperse it hoping that this will give time to the mafia lords to gain momentum and proceed undisturbed in the rampage of state assets and accumulation of national debt.

The strategy is clear and it is based on using all elements of deception, through the use of raw power, pure force and armaments to dissuade activists from keeping up a righteous cause a noble movement.

This strategy approved by some profiteers, thieves , gangsters willing to apply the yoke of their arrogance and fascism on the will of the people will fail.

By contrast the sovereignty of the people best expressed by the mush room movements, adhering to the social protest, envisaging to approach gradually the chronic issues and problems of the defunct second republic, will endure undisturbed the heinous attacks of the association of delinquency of the white collars, gangs of embezzlement.

The Sukleenis, is the old Lebanese specie that emerged from the trash after the latest clashes, where monsters of the second republic are attacking honest and loyal women and men of the third republic.

Obviously the social protest will win, albeit it has to refine some aspects of its nascent and still young movement.  Fine tuning is pivotal in all organizations, where rational thinking and sense making is a matter of debate, of creativity and innovation.

There is no fear for the future, as lies can’t invoke construction of a state, leave alone cementing the pillars of the nation.

The Sukleenis are Michel and Elias el Murr and Tueini Co, Naser Kandil, Lebanese Forces, Aounists, Kataeb, Frangieh dynasty, Joumblat and proselytes, His Corruption the speaker Nabih Berri, Hezbolah leader Hassan Nasrallah and the ministers of the cabinet, all parties , private bankers and central banker, monopolists of first generation, Sejean Azzi, Mikati Beik, Future Movement , Sanioura and Hariri ramifications , etc, etc, etc,,,,

The list is interminable, where corruption tires to acquire recognition through practices of wrongdoing, spreading fear as a common denominator regulating the relation between the citizen and the state.

These second republic personas are all stinky and there is one famous say that applies to them all,

‏طلعت_ريحتكم  #

As for the next upcoming future well there is no escape from moving forward in dismantling this fascist regime and all its caricatures of oppression, repression, coercion, violence and injustice and more, hence we reassure all our people resident and in the Diaspora, true Lebanese looking for a true nation, and a modern reformed state that we have only one option:


“Divergent as always, I’m flying a kite in an avalanche zone.
Inevitably, from your safe harbor, you will judge me.

I yell, “this, this is liberation!”

But you don’t see me as a revolutionary.
You’ll take me for savage.
Medicate the unprecedented out of my veins
Cover me in a quilt of your culture, label it safety.

Repression of variation, of the noise and the bold, is optimal for this society.
Freefalling enthusiasm isn’t exhilarating to you, and paint splatters aren’t modern art
They are just a mess on a clean canvas “ ; Oppression by Sami

Thank you and see you soon in Beirut

The Trash Gang

October 6, 2015

Dear Reader,
Greetings and Good Day,

“Who took the flowers? I did, the master said! The gardener was sad “Anonymous

With the deployment of Navy cruiser, the Moskva, armed with 64 advanced anti-aircraft missiles S-300 ship-to-air missiles opposite the Syrian coastal town of Latakia, it is understood that the conflict in Syria reached a new level of strategic width. Without doubt the latest events in the Caucasus where some hunters or security personnel were killed as they erupted impromptu into a hiding of unknown armed people is a major sign of the deteriorating climate in geopolitics in the Eurasian plateau.
Having established a de-facto no fly zone for non stealth aircraft, the options of Russian military are wide enough and costly further. Any rational thinking abides by the rule that whenever you enter a theater and invest in military assets in it, well then you own its fixing.
The master “CHEKIST” Putin might say something and do another, yet in truth he is engulfed in Syrian sands as never before. Was this the reason coupled to the semi autonomy of Donbas recently approved by Ukrainian Parliament, that recommended a wise Russian federal stand vis a’ vis the Ukrainian theater?
While Russia and China are accusing some nuances that are difficult to face off, the US announced yesterday the agreement on trade in the pacific, 12 nations joined in a common effort to elevate the citizenry beyond protection barriers.
Last week I was in India and visited the caves of Ajanta, the first Indian site to be declared a World Heritage, and I was literally surprised how the interplay between civilizations existed even at unsought-of times. Greek, Pharaohs scripts and other insignia ornate the differing caves, where Indian Buddhism has the most distinguished historic trace-ability and proselytes.
The technique of painting in Ajanta, was itself about unprecedented talent, leave alone the carving of entire structures into raw monoliths.
So the world moves on, centuries and centuries, while the Lebanese Trash Gang is still stressing on landfills, on protecting  Sukleen, Sokomi and the Council of development. This gang of corruption is holding the funds of municipalities, isn’t doing anything to recycle and respect the waste management hierarchy, rather it is obfuscating the freedoms of Michel Douaihy, Mohammad Nazzal, causing permanent handicap to Mohammad Kassir, The gang is litigating during the meetings, it is endangering the national health considering the effect of upcoming rains on uncollected and recycled trash, threatening the national security by standing idle in front of major regional hurdles, and dissolving the national edifice of peace and coexistence by failing miserably to introduce reforms and renew the political platform. And yet every effort is been done by those on pay rolls, having sold their consciousness for money to re-float a sinking boat of pirates and delinquents.
To Akram Chehayeb I say, as much too to all the association of delinquency, meeting this morning for trash debate, to all political thieves, thugs of power, Mafiosi of robbery, profiteers in state assets rampage, criminals from all political sides and parties, that their days in power and illegitimate representation are numbered. We will take them over.
Very soon, the demand for the transfer of sovereignty to its legal possessor and holder the Lebanese People will be launched and acclaimed and all small pests, parasites and vermin will hide in their trash hideouts.

“Who took the Lebanese freedoms? The Trash gang I replied! We the people were determined as ever to exercise their own given and sovereign rights” Cassandra Cassandra

Thank you,