Thieves and Thugs

September 23, 2015

Dear Reader,
Greetings and Good Day,

“In common usage, theft is the taking of another person’s property without that person’s permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it…The actus reus of theft is usually defined as an unauthorized taking, keeping or using of another’s property which must be accompanied by a mens rea of dishonesty and/or the intent to permanently deprive the owner or the person with rightful possession of that property or its use….” Theft, Wikipedia

One might ask how the Minister of Agriculture in charge of the file of the Trash in Lebanon, dries his tenderness when he goes public on TV shows or press conferences? How do his eyes almost full of tears react to the tireless effort to convince the constituents about his intent? Does he use the printed money of the central bank to dry his tears?
Following the poor arguments used by Mr. Akram Shehayeb to go ahead with his wrong plan, we need to remind him that so far no funds were given to the municipalities and that the transition period of 18 months does not carry any cost reduction/waiver on behalf of the Lebanese state/citizenry, leave alone the unacceptable stance to reopen or widen landfills. We do commend however the minister for his acting skills, and drama capability, highly rehearsed in a Hollywood style. But his plan won’t go forward; it is a simple way to extend the status-quo without any tangible result for the constituency. The minister needs to lessen his stubbornness and hypocrisy and increase sharpness while implementing immediately the emergency plan proposed by the Lebanese Eco Movement.
The minister seems adopting a simplistic tenure in considering opposition to his plan irrelevant, and he is selective and cherry picking when insisting on his way forward. There are other ways to proceed and one of these is to adopt a transparent approach in this national security file, emergency must be declared now, several assets for transportation deployed and lots of lands selected for treatment and recycling, the civil defense corps to be put in action, and quarries restructured to deal with leftovers.
Whenever the minister will keep up his arrogance and continuously hide behind his finger, then the government is clearly indicating that corruption remains high on the agenda and that no scenario is at the horizon other than confrontation in lack of any rational solution. This implicates in absence of results from the national dialogue, a full stream venture by the social protest.
We need to remind the government that all his components are affiliated to foreign embassies, leagues of Lebanese politicians roam always in Saudi palaces asking for cash, as much as others queue at the residence of the supreme leader in Tehran to get economic advantages. Until recently the Muhajirin palace in Damascus was a Mecca for some Lebanese politicians.
Thugs of the Lebanese politics, Dons of the worst quality, professional thieves, profiteers and liars do not impress us. Better they declare their own assets, their belongings, and list their properties to accede to a minimum of transparency and modicum of decency. Scandals like COGECO, cartels of Oil and electricity, Bankers profiting from bonds, Prince lings of trash, benefitors from cronyism and nepotism, oligarchs, monopolists, impromptu brokers, real estate magnets, developers of money laundering schemes, etc,,. are all synonyms of the mafia in power in Lebanon.
If there will be a confrontation we the Lebanese people are up to it, and these morons, gangsters and corrupt outlaws, should rest assured they will dislodge the public scene sooner than later.
There is no benefit or national interest in keeping ineffective and inconsequential elite in place, change is coming and this is a certitude. Rejuvenating and renewing the political landscape is an objective of the popular protest in all its mushroom movements.
We the People stands guilty in the accusation of using IPODS, reading newspapers, learning lyrics, watching movies, chanting rhythms and blues, expressing opinions and gathering in public space. We the People stands guilty in the accusation of proposing viable alternatives in the Trash dossier and readying solutions for all the rest of the files ranging from electricity to security passing by water, refugees, and education.
We the People is innocent though from the accusation of embezzlement, corruption, foreign allegiance, treachery, treason, inadequacy, irrelevance, disinterest, squabbling public money, raising the public debt, mismanaging the state, bankrupting the finances, illicitly ruling the nation, threatening the national security by weakening the armed forces in a struggle with Lebanese sons and daughters.
Shall I add something? Isn’t the deafness of Akram Shehayeb an incurable disease? Shouldn’t he resign and rest his soul reading a book in one of his residences? And the answer is yes, therefore to him and the rest of the cabinet we say loudly without any equivocate, do not test us.
To the mafia in power we say, stay put or adopt the emergency plan. You are thieves and thugs and we are acquainted with passion, emotions, principles, cheap talks, poetry, prose, science, fiction, literature, inventions, jobs, work, labor, sacrifice, determination, resoluteness, effectiveness, humility, thoughtfulness, failures and success.
Perhaps Nabih Berri, Walid Joumblat, Nicolas Fattouche, Ahmad Karame, Nouhad Machnouk, Sejean Azzi, etc…, journalists on payrolls, TV anchormen who sold their anima, corrupt bankers, gang entrepreneurs and others need to refresh the meaning of thug.
“Thug, a common criminal, who treats others violently and roughly, often for hire” Thug, Wikipedia
A salute from the civil society and the citizenry to the courageous stand of the social protest that could pierce horizontally with a multicolor, dynamic and beautiful form all the vertical divisions imposed on the nation state.
‏مستمرون‬ #
Thank you,



September 22, 2015

General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon
The United Nations
405 East 42nd Street,
New York, NY, 10017


Dear General Secretary,
I write regarding the deteriorating situation in Lebanon, following the latest statements, issued by the Security Council Press Elements, following briefing on Lebanon on September 2nd (1) , and by the UN SPECIAL COORDINATOR ON BEHALF OF THE INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT GROUP FOR LEBANON on May 19th 2015 (2) , and in view of the upcoming high level meeting of the International Support Group for Lebanon on September 27th.
I do appreciate your efforts of concern expressed on behalf of our nation, especially through the premises and actions of the special envoy to the Lebanon, Mrs Kaag; yet I believe that there are much of important details, the General Assembly and the Security Council, are not aware of, that I do kindly ask you to share with all member states for truth to prevail.
Lebanon being a founding member since the League of the Nations, benefited from the special attention of the UN all through the years, and it greatly acquired more stability in many years of UNIFIL missions to Lebanon (3), and other missions related to refugees, nation building, and/or investigative tribunals (4).
As you know lately the UN published a fact finding report regarding the past strife in Sri Lanka, and this is an excellent tool to bring about historic findings for the collective memory(5). South Africa had also a truth commission (6), but Lebanon unfortunately not.
I do realize that The members of the Security Council always reiterate, on the basis of the Statement by the President of the Security Council on19 March 2015, the need for the Parliament of Lebanon to meet and elect the President as soon as possible in order to put an end to the constitutional instability, but this is not sufficient any more after such a long time of vacuum and in light of recent episodes endangering the national security and the regional order.
Just for the record Lebanon is witnessing unprecedented circumstances. The Parliament extended its own mandate without a popular general election, and the number of refugees is beyond any national capability to host them within acceptable standards of decent living. The Trash Crisis exploded recently ( a video shooting (7) shows the climate damage and the danger to citizens health) and the cabinet couldn’t produce a solution with respect to the environment, rather it collectively approved a wrong plan, based on the prolonged use of landfills, endangering the national habitat, and the under soil water system, while securing embezzlement and illicit appropriation of public funds for the mafia in power.
A popular protest erupted composed of a mushroom of movements(8), expression of refusal of permanent corruption practices, red tape, mismanagement, rampage of state assets, perpetuity of failed political leadership, decreasing economic freedoms and most important erasing personal security and private self empowerment .
Walls are being erected to separate the people from their own public space, and most important the cabinet is idle, the national dialogue sessions are sterile, and the institutions are in vain.
In the face of risks ranging from arbitrary detention, torture, no representation, there is an immediate need for transparency at national and local levels to build on legal complaints already filled and registered (Lucien Abou Rjeily vs Basbous/Ayoubi ).
The video link (9), of “Sakker Dekkaneh” represents the actual mood in Lebanon.
Martyr Toufic Khawwam, a physically challenged disabled torched himself a couple of days ago, and his loss is irreparable for the moral value of the nation. We lost ourselves; Lebanese hope can’t rest only in the judiciary exerting an independent duty and consciously hold accountable the executive power. ‪

I ask you to hand a clear message of reprimand to his Excellency PM TAMMAM SALAM for the actions of his government, and to activate a one month dead line within which the election of the Lebanese president shall be achieved by the illegitimate parliament. Failure to do so will result in the UN Security Council amplifying the role of the Special Envoy to Lebanon with faculties to intercede in the management of Lebanese state affairs to tutor the civil society under immense constitutional and social challenges. International care needs to bring in an Interim President with specific task, to tutor regional peace interests and above all to protect the Lebanese national interest in concert.
In the specifics, enforcement means, the need for a fair and proportional, municipal and electoral laws enabling the widest representation from the different angles of the civil society, furthermore municipal and general elections at earnest to put the state on regular legal and institutional tracks.
State reforms and constitutional amendments can follow at ease, for the best sake of all Lebanese residents and in the Diaspora.
United we stand Mr. Secretary, and I dedicate all the general Assembly the following Lebanese song (10), an excerpt is :

شلح زنبق أنا إكسرني على ثرى بلادي


8) ‫#‏عالشارع‬ ‫#‏الشعب_يريد‬ ‬ ‫#‏طلعت_ريحتكم‬ ‫#‏كلن_يعني_كلن‬ ‫#‏حلوا_عنا‬ ‫#‏شباب_٢٢_آب ‫#‏بدنا_نحاسب‬
الخ… الخ

Solo, The Lebanese Parliament

September 21, 2015

Dear Reader,
Greetings and Good Day,

This week will witness acceleration in diplomatic activity in New York concomitant with the UN general assembly. One can imagine the speech of Chinese President Xi stressing the charm offensive of One Road One Belt as a strategic project, albeit economic and financial woes appeared recently in the Chinese structure of the economic planning. Also the speech of President Putin of Russia might well stress the relevance of a multi-polar world to build on his famous Munich Speech, with arrow links to Ukraine and Syria, emphasizing the importance of Minsk and Geneva agreements and follow ups.
Of great sensation will be the speech of the leader of Syriza yesterday reconfirmed with 145 seats in the Greek parliament. His tragedy will display the contours of refugees and debt, a modern calamity for the European Continent. The Greek Iliad of oceans and a European land of distrust.
It is known that the Israeli PM will visit Moscow today and talks will focus on security issues, related to the Russian role in projecting a solution to the Syrian Crisis if any. Most likely and after the Labor elections in October the Israeli cabinet will become a national unity projecting again the peace talks in view of the geopolitical difficulty of being Jewish and racist, or Israeli and secular. This is a modern struggle for Liberal Israelis and Palestinians after the recent Aqsa episodes.
Lately refugees inundated the European continent inducing Pope Francis to call on each diocese to host families and show the gentle face of humanity sharing. The HOLY SEE will focus on a new capability during his US visit to broker peace with the constituents and encourage the creed in minds, faith in hearts and love in deeds.
It is unclear though what will the Lebanese PM expose in his dissertation in front of the general assembly which is expected to declare the state of Palestine after a long struggle.
Where does Lebanon stand in the game of the nations? Where is the Lebanese national interest? Should we rest our hopes in the gangsters attacking peaceful demonstrators? These delinquents are the lunga manus of the Trash Plan approved by the cabinet.
How can the PM Tammam Salam extricate his cabinet from the immense failure they are in?
Yet again another voice has been added today to the pervasive social protest and this is the rain that reminds all of us of the urgency to amend the cabinet trash plan, and approve the ecological alternative based on the emergency plan coupled to the use of civil defense, while generating immediate production of recycling in different Lebanese factories. The waste management hierarchy is crystal clear and it has no space for landfills authorized or not, not even for reclaiming sea areas as prelude to dubious real estate projects in Burj Hammoud or Sidon. Minister Chehayeb needs to repent and rethink his plan with humility. He should accept his errors and move on and let us concentrate on new dossiers such as electricity, salaries, electoral law, etc…
The mafia in power in Lebanon is accusing much decadence, and the eminent trio Berri/Jumblat/Sanioura together to all the rest of politicians, is outdated while defending the realm of trash and corruption.
Yesterday during the social protest demonstration, the parliament was calling the people, to bring in their emotions, colors, contradictions, contrasts, to embrace his building with love and inundate him with representation.
The Parliament was crying solo. He was accusing the regime of discrimination, asking the establishment: Which characteristics do the buildings of VIRGIN, NAHAR, LE GRAY, UFA, TALACO, CLASS, PATCHI, etc, have that he THE PARLIAMENT carrying the people at heart doesn’t have?
No vandalism was registered or attack against any public or private property, therefore what is the reason for keeping the people distant from their home: The Parliament.
The Parliament in truth isn’t solo, he has all of us, he is entrusted with our future, with our true and fair representation that we are looking to perfect, and to reflect in our desires, needs, expectations and dreams.
For now there is an impediment to reach the physical building of the Parliament, but this is not an impediment of soul, or of principles, the march is clear, it will not end until the third republic.
We know that today there is a solidarity stand with the journalist that diffused the copy of the cheque of the minister of interior, tomorrow there will be the sit- in of solidarity with the student of engineering who was severely wounded on August 23rd, on Friday there will be the second edition of Abou Rakhoussa fleet market for the Eid festivity. What is still to be announced is the strategic central action in waiting for the Chehayeb Trash plan to be amended and be put in act immediately. I propose to call on a rally from the Museum to Nijmeh Square on Saturday 26 to send a message to the UN General assembly. A speech should be printed and distributed on all participants, the speech of Lebanon at the UN.
The mantra that Nijmeh Square is off limits is wrong as much as the Trash Plan of the cabinet is, and we look forward to a relaxing in the policies of the cabinet in security matters and the acceptance of the proposals presented by the social protest, by paving the way for demonstrators to enter peacefully Nijmeh Perimeter.
We can’t simply sit and wait for the failed politicians to agree on the reshuffling of military commanders as an overture for the dialogue sessions, the national interest is calling on all of us for action.
Until the reform of the system, and the fair general election or the presidential election is achieved, the social protest has it clear what to do,
‏مستمرون‬ #
Thank you,


September 19, 2015

Dear Reader,
Greetings and Good Day,

“Victory, as a rule, springs from a preponderance of the sum of all the physical and moral powers combined; undoubtedly it increases this preponderance, or it would not be sought for and purchased at a great sacrifice. Victory itself does this unquestionably; also its consequences have the same effect, but not to the utmost point generally only up to a certain point. This point may be very near at hand, and is sometimes so near that the whole of the results of a victorious battle are confined to an increase of the moral superiority” WWW. CLAUSEWITZ.COM

Good morning to all lovers of Lebanon, all friends and allies.

In an effort to decipher events and make sense from the episodes ongoing in Lebanon, one need to be very objective and produce papers works exploring uncharted territories.
Usually such task is gifted to analysts and intelligence agencies for policy makers to make their choices and project national interest, but in our globally connected world, open source is becoming pivotal too in generating articulate, principled and accurate information.
Starting from the failure of the first Lebanese republic to introduce and implement reforms, we can assess that regional Arab/Israeli wars obliged the Lebanese state to stop the growth output to the citizenry, this ended in a tragedy of division (1975-1990). Afterwards the liberation of Kuwait signed an international mandate to reconstruct Lebanon from scratch, by expropriating down town Beirut in a legally dubious operation branded Solidere coupled to an amendment of the constitution in Taef. The second republic was such a mess that regional patrons such as KSA, IRAN and SYRIA exploited the Lebanese internal political panorama in successive phases. All of the phases, until the South Liberation 2000, until the Syrian withdrawal 2005, until the Syrian war 2011, until the nuclear deal and the US/Russian talks for Syria 2015, were all characterized by major Lebanese corruption, assassinations and intrigues. Vertical divisions were witnessed; incompetence, arrogance and vertigo were abundant. The main political factor and driver was Hezbollah ascent in managing state affairs, while keeping in place a military capability. A political incest we might call it, yet observers are much surprised on how events in Lebanon are unfolding now! How come after a deadlock since at least 12 months, suddenly there is a social movement acting? The answer is simple, as the Iranian Republic could not mentor a political solution and broker it in Lebanon and simultaneously failed to impose also a state come back in Syria through its strategic partnership with the ASSAD regime, this led to a perception of weakness in modeling and shaping regional events. It is easy to foment disorder but much complicated to generate order and progress. The popular protest in Lebanon started therefore against the entirety of the political class and its objectives are to kick start the third republic far from regional interference. For once Lebanon has the opportunity to become a true state, only if all the citizens know how to move forward.

In the middle of the protest stand four actors and main players. The mafia in power an agglomerate of a plethora from all political parties and extracts All thieves & Co, then we have a significant trait of the population having at heart the requirement to move forward peacefully at any cost, then we have the social protest under which umbrella an incredible variety of encompassing groups operate and finally there is a player who is much a hybrid stretched too thin and taken by surprise, incapable to project direction or to position itself; all these actors are inter playing and the outcome of the battle is yet unclear, albeit the assets deployed are very much visible.

We can expect from the US / Russian military to military talks to ensure a sort of agreement after the Russians deployed to their aerial base near Lattakia and the US have clearance in Incirlik and Diyarkabir. It is no secret that UK drones are also operating in Syria as much as French ISR missions are being conducted; leave alone the Aussies who had a PM reshuffle lately. From above we can trace the trend that Russia which benefited from the North Stream 2 with Europe, and from the semi autonomous status of the Donbas in Ukraine, is willing to compromise with the West to keep its balancing act and neutrality between east and west. Hence considering the hydrocarbon issue in the Mediterranean where Russians have their national interest in Syria and in the naval base in Tartous to have access to tepid waters as safe passage from the Baltic, one can imagine that we are going to transition in Syria within six months or so.Grade Missiles already launched on Russian troops by unknown rebels will accelerate this scenario.
In view of the helm taken by Russians in Damascus, while real estate is performed by the Iranians, we can easily say that a federal lose state will be the upcoming future, the first signal will be the cease fire declared on all territories from mid October to pave the way for GENEVA 3 or MOSCOW 1 to be launched. Definitely the WEST has much leverage and a lot of ammo to dose the diplomacy and the fine tuning.
Therefore in the Lebanese theater the fanfare will be jockeying, who of the four players will overcome the rest? Undoubtedly the soft power displayed so far by the civil society protest is an element of absolute power, as it can absorb as a magnet the trait of population having at heart a peaceful living. Hence the way to move forward is to send clear and simple messages giving security and a sense of ease to the citizenry, avoid clashes with the armed forces, create social happenings ( Rakhousa & co fleet market today), successful mass rallies becoming center stage of the young and upcoming political novelty. Above all there need to be also a capability in projecting the image of problem shooters, and here I propose that tomorrow during the central happening we will appeal to the minister of agriculture to attend the AUB forum on Trash next Tuesday, where activists and environmentalists shall meet him to advance the arguments of the emergency plan to be approved as a valid substitute to the cabinet wrong plan. Transforming the TRASH crisis into a win-win, will forward the social protest into a political game changer and a constitutional partner. There need to be distance from rhetoric and from cat-walking actions, and vicinity to quality actions( break in nijmeh Square) and trash immediate solution .
Tomorrow the drums can beat, to force the entry in Nijmeh Square from the western entrance having a plastic door weakness, sit-in tents can be deployed and simultaneously call on the minister to meet the delegates in the AUB hall on Tuesday.

These are the objectives for tomorrow and the definition of victory is clearly to build the third republic on modern terms for the people.
The momentum is ripe, because the mafia is nude without initiative, waiting its own WATERLOO, after it committed the mistakes of Napoleon.
Napoleon had a naval defeat in Alexandria, and lost the Russian winter campaign where his troops accused famine; the Lebanese mafia dried the cash resources and caused the trash crisis.
Napoleon left his best general to defend Paris, he started the battle only after his breakfast late at noon, his infantry was heavy and couldn’t face up to the cavalry, and the cannon balls had their effect lessened by the field wet conditions. By the same token the Lebanese mafia, has no good generals to send in, it always commit to the same dialogue without any delivery, its treachery is the sign of obesity and relative immobility, its coercion is not only ineffective but also disproportionate and out of trajectory.
So let the drums beat, as the theater is clear and the winner is almost declared, drum drum drum, reconnaissance is complete, victory is defined and the intellectual upper hand is with the candle of freedom.

“At the city gate and by your fireside I have seen you prostrate yourself and worship your own freedom, Even as slaves humble themselves before a tyrant and praise him though he slays them. … And how shall you rise beyond your days and nights unless you break the chains which you at the dawn of your understanding have fastened around your noon hour? ….
And if it is a despot you would dethrone, see first that his throne erected within you is destroyed…. And if it is a fear you would dispel, the seat of that fear is in your heart and not in the hand of the feared.… And when the shadow fades and is no more, the light that lingers becomes a shadow to another light. And thus your freedom when it loses its fetters becomes itself the fetter of a greater freedom.” Freedom, Gibran

Thank you,

Lebanese Preamble 20 September

September 18, 2015

Dear Reader,
Greetings and Good Day,

“The history of international relations can be traced back to thousands of years ago; Barry Buzan and Richard Little, for example, consider the interaction of ancient Sumerian city-states, starting in 3,500 BC, as the first fully-fledged international system…. “ International Relations, WIKIPEDIA

As China is moving forward in building its own Pentagon on its features in the South China Sea, in a possible role expansion in the Indian Ocean as envisaged by the US Naval Institute, Germany is closing its borders with Austria to better check the false documents of many world citizens seeking refuge. An interplay of strategy to defend the interests of Chinese urban cities reaching out to the first rim of islands from one side and a security control to better define the future era of German exports in the decades to come, from another side .
In North America, Planned Parenthood is creating much debate albeit the Federal Reserve yesterday kept its near zero policy in interest rates, without altering further the global financial weakness. Carly Fiorina was the star of the second republican debates, while Hillary Clinton is losing ground to Sanders her direct follower in the polls.
Can there be a connection between birth policies and currencies? Is the new trinity India, Australia, Japan, leading the Pacific to a better strategic equilibrium? What about the Russian R-166-0.5 (ultra) high-frequency signals (HF/VHF) vehicles that were spotted on Highway 4, which links Homs and Aleppo? Are the antennas of these vehicles a signal transmission of talks between the US and Russia on the Syrian file?
Likely US/Russian talks will tackle further aspects of the Syrian Crisis during the UN General assembly, and it is expected that a diplomatic solution will be sorted out where no military exit is foreseen. Secretary Kerry will be very busy, muck like the staffers at the White House trying to select the right menus for the visit of Chinese President Xi to the US starting on 22nd September in Washington.
Within all the international give and take, it is a mystery how the Lebanese state will plan the UN performance of the embattled cabinet in the Trash Crisis. The Lebanese crisis uncovered so far the constitutional and institutional deadlock in the Cedar nation, and the incapability of the corrupt elite to come to terms with the protest of the population asking for reforms.
Following two months of Trash inundating the streets of Beirut, and the Presidential vacuum in Baabda Palace, one can ask Lebanon where to ? Is it only going to detain and beat righteous youngsters?
How can the strategic battle of Hezbollah in Syria, or the prolonged stay of Hariri in KSA, or the wizardry of the Mafia Speaker Berri, or the ever dreaming Presidential Aoun, or the filibuster stance of Sejean Azzi, or the incompetence of Akram Chehayeb , or the idle stance of the Lebanese Forces seemingly doing politics in another nation by now, be of any good to the Lebanon, the nation/state of WE THE PEOPLE?
Hefty accusations were thrown by different personalities with a bias malady/syndrome, against the popular protest. These biased and corrupt personalities on the payrolls of the failed regime in place, seemingly analyzed the blood of the popular protest and discovered it is red!!!
These failed politicians, pseudo thinkers, surrogates of the human nature, color blind, do comprehend red as prehistoric pattern rather than a living citizen.
For those who fail to understand the nature of the popular protest, this is a genuine and spontaneous movement, composed of all strata of the civil society, left to right, horizontal to vertical, rich and poor, intellectual and raw, tantamount the whole spectrum of the civil society.
There is no leadership and there will be none, there is no defined agenda other than the well being of the citizenry and the best outcome to the nation /state.
The popular protest is simple, easy going, beautiful in its ample expression, rich in its variety and expressive in its generosity. It includes also people that commit errors but who doesn’t?
Yet the display of encompassing colors roars incessantly asking for honest solutions, gracefulness, respect and dignity, a reality that politicians don’t want to see or hear, immersed as they are in their daily corruption.
Is it that much to ask for decency? Are the Lebanese condemned to wait indefinitely for the international chancelleries to impose regional bargains where the national interest is not thought after?
There is no space for fear from the future or from change itself, although there might be natural resistance by those who are used to the system in act since many years. A system instated and eradicated in the stinky platform of the confessional disease, keeping distant one citizen from the other to benefit a corrupt and blind elite. Only secular change will bring together the nation and empower it against all threats, Terrorism, Zionism, Totalitarianism, Uniformity , Arrogance Intolerance and Ignorance.
Stand up oh People of Lebanon for your rights; take down the thieves, profiteers and filibusters. Defeat the Mafia as it shall demean you and your loved ones if you don’t stand.
The people of Lebanon are no stupid, and Sunday 20th September shall see the resurrection of Lebanon.

Syndicates, Scouts, Municipalities, Associations, public and private employees, Students, Singles, Families, Senior and Junior citizens, Displaced or Physically challenged, leftists (please take the front line) and rightists (please be with your brethren in the front line) will all march together to the square of the People, to the People, from the People, with the People.

One Chant, We THE PEOPLE, Sa7a Sa7etna, Majlis Majlisna .

“We the People of Lebanon, willing to form a great Unity, expand Justice, ensure amenity, provide security, promote Welfare and guarantee the freedoms for all, do stand for Lebanon the modern state.” Lebanese Preamble on 20 Sep.

Thank You,


September 17, 2015

Dear Reader,
Greetings and Good Day,

Good Morning LEBANON resident and abroad,

Time again the Lebanese population demonstrated its resilience. Time again the Lebanese citizenry proved its vibrant nature and honesty. Time again WE THE PEOPLE stands for the truth and for the reforms of the nation/state.
Following the systemic and methodic attempt by the LEBANESE mafia in power to erase the popular protest which is represented by a mushroom of movements, the decadence of the elite stinks more than ever.
In a sober analysis and an objective assessment we can easily say that His Corruption the MAFIA SPEAKER and all the parties involved in the rampage of the state assets lost the first round in a long battle for the THIRD REPUBLIC.
Lebanon is a democratic and semi parliamentarian regime, based on a constitution revised in Taef, and requiring adjustments and a flair of innovation and this is exactly what will be the future.
The thieves, profiteers and filibusters are confused and after erecting a wall of shame in down town Beirut, they are now trying to move forward the sales kit of the TRASH PLAN by other means. The proposal today is to skip MASNAA because of geological issues and to talk to the AKKAR officials tomorrow Friday at BIEL, to convince them to dump the TRASH in a landfill.
Well time again we tell the incompetent minister Akram Chehayeb that his vision is more trash than about a plan, and the whole concept is based on prolonging the contract to SUKLEEN for 18 months, until the end of the illegitimate parliament mandate. Time again we tell him, it won’t pass, no go. Corruption must end.
There are other better alternatives, already proposed and this is the best way forward to listen to the people.
While other international cities are perfecting anticorruption practices as evidenced by MED LAB in curbing corruption, cases such as LVIV or LAPAZ, we still see that LEBANON is classified in the latest echelon of economic freedoms in the WORLD and lost its ranking from 38 in 2010 to 76 in 2013, so go figure 2015.
Our voice is loud that the Lebanese popular protest will not stop, and it is ongoing, and that it is not a political party, therefore it has no leadership, not even registered trademarks.
I call on all the movements to rally on Saturday 19 at 5pm (earlier timing) in Martyrs Square
to reiterate the demands and press for a solution to the TRASH .
My salute goes to all Lebanese activists and to the victims of the Chile earthquake.
Our families, friends and allies, have all our attention to build a new LEBANON, a third republic of peace and modernity. The modern and strong state for the citizenry.
Thank you,

The Longest Day of the Republic

September 16, 2015

Dear Reader,
Greetings and Good Day,

“….He looked back with piercing regret to the images of his early life, woven into pattern by the gods, until he could no longer control his anguish. He said aloud, “Yesterday I was grazing my sheep in the green valley, enjoying my existence, sounding my flute, and holding my head high. Today I am a prisoner of greed. Gold leads into gold, then into restlessness and finally into crushing misery… .” Yesterday and Today – Poem by Khalil Gibran.

Keeping the pace of events in the Middle East was never an easy task, not even for best analysts of intelligence agencies. However indicating a trend to policy makers and recommending a course of action remains in the heart of governance and of the state display of its own resources.

A veteran and corrupt Lebanese politician Mr. Walid Joumblat usually asks Ila Ayn ?.To a better future is the answer.
Certainly Walid Beik lost several occasions to show a stature of political grandeur, now he is only a small confessional champ of some villages, the same goes for others be these Berri, Hariri, Hassan Nasrallah, Geagea, Aoun, Gemayel senior and Junior, Franjieh , Mikati, Safadi, etc..
In the moving sands of the Levant there need to be a dynamic force that will lead the citizenry to the light at the end of the tunnel, and this is clearly the Lebanese civil society.
Today is the longest day of the Lebanese republic. This is because events will be tense enough to determine a breakthrough. As we know, so far a major popular protest erupted in Lebanon; We the People led a revolt against the mafia in power. Although the peaceful protest of the civil society is heterogeneous and composed by a mushroom of movements, being social at core, and not organized by political parties, yet its agenda and direction are very clear.
The civil society is colorful, similar to a caravan stretched along the entire area of Lebanese soil, having some movements leading reconnaissance missions, while others holding the high terrain, the seas and the skies. All movements however advance in the same direction to freedom, and reforms, a Lebanese wisdom of orientation. So while the mafia in power, reasserted its stance and adherence to corruption, by reiterating the wrong plan for Trash, sponsored by the minister of Agriculture; it displayed yesterday heinous press conferences conducted to threaten the civil society, and today is deploying unprecedented troop convoys converging to down town Beirut.
Failed politicians or parties such as Sami Gemayel, the Future, Sanioura, Michel Aoun, Hezbollah, Abou Faour, PSP, Antoine Zahra, LF, are all in a gear form, willing to defend the perimeter of the casino of greed. This alert of thieves will proceed in the session of the national dialogue to culminate in the attempt to clear the way for the mafia to protect its unique achievement, the rampage of state assets.
But the plan shall not pass, in fact starting from early hours, at 9h00 am, activists will gather to disrupt the mafia plans. The struggle will be epic, and confrontation immense, damage and losses might occur. The entirety of the Lebanese public life will be shacked, anger and refusal will dominate.
Yesterday during the meeting held at Madina Theater a hand was extended to the legal and legitimate PM Tammam Salam, by indicating a way out of the mess, where he needs to publicly say where he stands and what he stands for.
And here I wish to thank the civil society for this opportunity to keep diplomatic channels opened to our brethren Lebanese willing to join the fight for a new republic.
There is no time to lose, and I vividly recommend PM Salam to call for a press conference at noon, and declare his effective will to reconstitute the Lebanese nation/state and define together to the civil society, new political legislative, constitutional frameworks, and new rules and regulations for the republic. There will be transparency versus corruption, modernity vs. archaism, rejuvenation vs. status quo, accountability vs. ineffectiveness, and a secular unifying representation vs. a confessional dividing “GANGESTERISM”.
Tammam Salam today will live with us the longest day , his inaction will heavily cost the citizenry, while his action will initiate the march to salvation, to the third Lebanese republic.
From no water, no electricity, no services, no pensions, no senior care, to a passionate and caring state of economic advance.
Tammam before noon needs to look to the streets and understand that the nation is being dismantled in its essence in its most intimate tissues, in its ethics and principles in its public life.
Statesmanship requires a defining moment, and the PM’s national stance needs to build with a horizontal civil society, a state, by skipping his old ties to the thieves, profiteers, and gangsters in power.
Whenever PM Salam will remain embattled and hand cuffed, by the association for delinquency, then he has no leverage or title to represent Lebanon any more at any pedestal.
This is the first call for all the civil society to unite and mobilize for the defining battle, today is the longest day of the republic and we shall prevail. Lebanon shall overcome the mafia last attempt to rule with coercion.

Our families, friends, allies need to rest assured that we will spare no effort to save Lebanon from the bite of embezzlement and robbery.
Enough is enough with a political class having no clue in guidance.

We all charge for the liberation of the nation for its entire people resident and in the Diaspora. Today is the day.
To TAMMAM, I Say, fear is human; inaction might be an appropriate course of action sometimes, time can be an abundant commodity,, yet losing a nation without shedding a tear is the eminence of confusion and treachery.
Any injury or loss today will be caused by your indecisive stance, join the fight for good, as there is no alternative.

We the People is calling .

Tammam call the press conference and join the civil society, now, and in any case before the sun sets.
“He was going to be all that a mortal should be, Tomorrow. No one should be kinder or braver than he Tomorrow. A friend who was troubled and weary he knew, Who’d be glad of a lift and who needed it, too; On him he would call and see what he could do Tomorrow… “ Tomorrow by Edgar Albert Guest
الله يرحمك يا رياض #
Thank You,