Happy Independence Day Lebanon

November 7, 2014

Dear Reader,

Greetings and Good Day,

Happy Independence Day to Lebanon!

As per Lebanese legislation and norm; and being Lebanon a constitutional republic based on the rule of law, today in Kuwait, ballot boxes need to open for eligible Lebanese nationals, to cast their votes for the general elections.

On behalf of all Lebanese nationals who were not directed on how to exert their civil right to vote, I cast my vote on line, for the third republic and for all the candidates of reform of the republic.

Today is a day of glory and feast, the new independence of Lebanon, the nascent enterprise of uniting the people and establishing the third republic.

Major reforms are required, where a commission of truth and reconciliation will pave the way for facts to be clearly mentioned.
Since its inception Lebanon went through exceptional national debates, on how to position the nation state versus the geopolitics and the citizenry.
On different occasions the sectarian mentality broadened the divide, and the gap grew increasing the distance between the populace and the failed forms of governance.
Two days ago, the major auto-defeat was scored, where the Lebanese, all the Lebanese failed to advance the opportunity to have an ordinary country.
The struggle is at its zenith between the lion hearts of the third republic and the vicious snakes of the second republic, between candid youngsters and corrupt rats, yet what is needed is to build consensus for Lebanon.
We can’t imagine jailing thousands of corrupt people of the establishment, but we can think of healing the process by political rehabilitation where infected politicians, who lost the vision for growth and development will have the opportunity to repent.

We all know that Lebanon needs administrative decentralization, institutional bravery in planning and judicial independence.

It also needs a new electoral law based on a semi proportional parliament of 128 deputies to be elected on the actual electoral divisions (with a majority prize assignment) and a full proportional senate of 28 to be elected based on one electoral constituency.
This will permit a major balance of power in the legislative branches and obviously we need to put a limit of two consecutive mandates for both the speaker of the parliament and the dean of the senate.

Lebanon needs to change the institution of the presidency of the republic and transform it into a presidential council of 3 presidents, each in charge for 2 years and on rotational basis, exerting amended powers, in a new mechanism of executive coordination within a collective trinity vision.
The council will be elected directly by the people, and will have the powers to call for early elections in case of vertical divisions. And to exert more executive powers sharing responsibility with the cabinet and the Prime minister. The dream team for 2016 / 2022 can be Ziad Baroud, Shamel Roukoz, Nadine Moussa .

The prime minister offices will need to adjust a bit to the era of a revised Taef , a Taef 2 or a Beirut 1 if we wish, where the equation will be right versus wrong. So far it was the concentration of powers in one hand without a full popular mandate. In truth being Lebanon a parliamentary democracy the years between 1990 and 2014 represent a malpractice in terms of powers concentration, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will excuse me for being frank.

Lebanon needs also a military reform where a smart army will grow its effective and a new centralized operational configuration will operate a professional preparedness and capability.
Modernism will run the ranks and files as per the latest revolutions in military affairs. Weaponry and corps will be oriented to a new deployment strategy and different rules of engagement. The national interest will be defined within the intelligence community, based on multiform layers, educational, financial and demographic. The definition of threats and interests will be oriented to fit the national agenda, a paramilitary corps in the spirit of the Lebanese history and experience can be introduced, having as benchmark the rural army in the republic of China, yet on modern terms. The Islamic republic of Iran will excuse me for being frank.

Justices developing strategic debates for the citizenry and economic recovery oriented to exports and jobs will be a pillar as the national anthem. The French republic will excuse me for being frank.

Sectarian allocation of power and erroneous concepts of collective governance will cede the place to gender equality ( mounasafa) and to the accountability for policies.

Some might think that the mischievous thieves and gangsters, the small rats of the old second republic won time by the illegal extension; but we will not concede. This is an official and public warning to all foreign intelligence communities operating in Lebanon; do not mess with the civil society and with the honest Lebanese, stop meddling in our internal affairs.
I kindly ask the CIA to convey my warning and do its best to help us end the illicit traffics.

We are fed up with the regional delicate balance looking for a nuclear deal with Iran, and trying to broker peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Let the rats repent and give back the stolen money and then rehabilitate their stance by engaging the reformed minded movement of the civil society, for the best interest of Lebanon.

Only then we can walk, all of us walk together into the new independence.

Meanwhile the state is requested to stop the illegal deputies wages, be this by intervention of the Shura Council or the military court or the normal Judiciary court.
It will be highly effective also to entice the commission monitoring the ministers and deputies to impede the minister of finance from signing any form of payments, on behalf of all deputies, ditto.

Our nation has already endured enough; we have the pride in hosting more than one million five hundred thousand refugees and walking a daily life based on peace and sacrifices.

My thoughts on this day of new independence go to the Lebanese families and children, in Lebanon and in the diaspora, and I assure them that we will spare no time to create the commission for truth, to lobby for the needed reforms and to propose the presidential council, and achieve all above by the end of 2016.

On a light Lebanese note, I hope that Mrs. Layla Abdellatif will excuse me, if my predictions will reveal to be more accurate than her views roaming around Baabda Hill, while our vision is wide open to the fast world around us.

This post is dedicated to the Civil Society of Lebanon.
Thank you,