The Lebanese Parliament , Time to regret

September 25, 2014

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In an objective effort to keep events under lenses of understanding, analysts are bruised in the MENA theaters moving sands.

Two major crisis are unfolding and these are the Ebola disease and the IS spread. We know that in Liberia mass protests against EBOLA are becoming a national threat against security and the entire health issue is becoming a window for international support mainly for American troops to step in the African continent.

On another front the advance of ISIS from Reqqa to Mosul or to Kobani, is being countered by a coalition of the Middle Eastern skies, enabling the US to enter the Syrian theater from a major back door after it renounced to enter it from the front door, for chemical reasons.

Narrowing the lenses from Djibouti and Sanaa, passing by Alexandria and Eshkelon, Basra and Falluja, Dammam and Kuwait city, we strikingly realize that Tehran’s national interest is much linked to Maroun Al Ras, be this for military reasons, ideological or geopolitical.

It is evident that in the Iranian nuclear research there is a Lebanese component and ramification and that is the Iranian eye on Israel, where the best shot for Tehran is to denuclearize Israel, while the best hope for the US mentor of Israel is to exploit the nuclear talks in an eternal process to alter the nature of the nuclear file.

In this long struggle a tiny petite nation stretched on the Mediterranean shores with important hydrocarbon reserve, Lebanon is being dented by vultures and is subjected to daily crimes as a nude prey for violent perpetrators.

To counter this continuous outrage, for once the Lebanese should get their house in order and set their own priorities.

Considering the regional standoff and the conflict/negotiation between power dinosaurs, I presume that the presidential palace in Baabda will remain vacant for long time.

What are the alternatives?

Obviously the Lebanese pirates, the Mafiosi of the Parliament family, the thieves and vampires of politics thought the easiest way of course, and that is to extend the mandate of the parliament.
This Lebanese parliament which paraphrasing the words of back to black ” left no time to regret, Kept his dick wet ,with his same old safe bet” .

This association for delinquency is also capable to gather in a quorum before or simultaneously to the mandate extension, and approve a law for the salaries to preempt the populace anger against the parliament extension.

This extension is a premeditated assassination of the public life in Lebanon and it must be impeded by a urgent judiciary power where skilled lawyers need to sue the parliament before it convenes for auto and illegitimate extension.

The second honest option even if more complex, is to hold general elections under any circumstance which must become a leit-motif for the nation independence and togetherness.

And it must bring in a new linfa and blood that will legislate for the best outcome of the people.
Whenever the Lebanese democracy will shift into autocracy/oligarchy in eternal perpetuity, the obtuse elite will shoulder the responsibility of civil disobedience and a judiciary case that will seek to unseat the parliament and the obsolete institutions no matter what the patriarch or Hezbollah positions are, each from his standing point of interest.

By contrast if elections will be held, then in each electoral district reformers will be identified and the indication of vote will inform eligible voters to cast a vote with only the reformers on it.

Or else if there is no reformer in an electoral district then a white vote will be the clear wide national rehearsal for the upcoming president to be elected by the people, all the people, which is not the same proposal tailor made by the FPM to suit “His boycott” monsieur MICHEL AOUN , an eternal candidate to become president for Lebanon, as if his insane policies and destruction are not sufficient for Lebanon and the Lebanese.

In the regional puzzle, the third Lebanese republic is the only clarity available.
This is the true hope of Lebanon, beyond the US diplomatic talks or the Iranian whispers or the visits of Dempsey or any other Iranian personality.

The Lebanese are clever enough to understand that insouciance is not synonym to modernism.

Analysts often are entangled by the intelligence community hierarchy, which poses a top down process of conventional wisdom, much inadequate nowadays to form intellectual leverage.

If only we check the exact reasons behind the intellectual demise of the QING Dynasty in China we would be relieved, on the direction of the world in 2020 with twelve billion inhabitants on the screens.

Honor, Sacrifice, Loyalty and Development is the new motto of all Lebanese including the Lebanese army which must do all possible to free the hostages.

Lebanon under no circumstance should be caught in an asymmetric war, which is originally created by Israel to topple down Hezbollah and by the US to manipulate Tehran.

Our agenda and interest in Lebanon is to unite, to elect a president, then a parliament, then go on reforms, raise the salaries retroactively, find the balance in the tenants law, define the national boundaries land and maritime, exploit the resources , boost the industry and exports, empower the economy, enhance education, empower research and invest in infrastructure ( the sea lane a route for traffic , wind energy and gas LNG ) , and then build an army of 300000, of which 150.000 combat ready forces in full swing within 4 corps , infantry, navy, aerial and Special forces.

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The correlation between US interest rates and the Lebanese President

September 9, 2014

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“So think as if your every thought were to be etched in fire upon the sky for all and everything to see. For so, in truth, it is.” Mikhail Naimy, The Book of Mirdad

There is much talk about the timing for raising interest rates in the US, and considering the FOMC meetings calendar, I tend to forecast that the first quarter point increase will come in December 16/17.

Reasons for this increase are many, firstly because we reached the end of a cycle in money easing, where exiting through tapering consisted in ensuring growth for big corporate and bankers.
Buy backs contributed to stock market records, yet the mix of data from housing, labor and spending do indicate that unless cash reaches a farther sway of the population, levels of growth and jobs will be limited.

Therefore the state role is now to deliver cash to the average income in order to sustain spending and enhance fundamentals.
Raising interest rates is the necessary and unavoidable step of the FED after easing and tapering, and doing this before the end of year spending, and the winter storms will perfect the impact on markets.
In truth only by increasing interest rates can the FED succeed to narrow the gap between haves and have not’s and also amplify the tangible benefits in terms of money velocity, where banknotes will change hands several times and this will boost positive effects on the consumer spending and the economy overall.

However this pivotal interest rates increase, needs to be coupled by adjustments in the national policy vis a’ vis several topics to give back to the US its own Spring.
Items to be managed by a visionary administration are the immigration bill; the creation of a special fund to partially cover and waive 15 % of students loans, the institution of a carbon/environment tax , the unveil of a modern strategy & foreign policy projection, measured military spending commensurate to selected research & development, fiscal policy shifts to empower the federal state budget, spending in infrastructure and innovation to provide better services for neighborhoods, that ultimately will put the economy on the right track and start ups and the job market in perspective .
It is no secret that the US is lacking behind, and becoming a third world nation, where modest political parties and leaders, can’t induce fundamental changes to occur and render splendor to Uncle Sam’s old fashion.
The US is confused and frustrated, and sharply divided, hence immobilized. Yankees have a virus outbreak.

The tedious economic recovery after 2008 was difficult and it affected the leadership guidance of world affairs.
The moral ground is lost and the active role in leading universal reforms is severely hindered.
The US imperial shortsighted role, is accomplice with the butcher regime of Assad in the deaths of thousands of martyrs for social change and political balance, and it is responsible also by its one eyed policy to the Iranian nuclear file in fomenting chaos in the grand ME, where tutoring the Zionists interests damaged the social and tribal network of entire swathes of territory.
The imperial zealous overreach is a major loss for humanity, anthropology and history.
It is high time for western leaders to wisely command and define the contour of the composite interests dividing global nations.
As if the picture depicted by revanchist like Putin or KHAMENEI and absolute regimes will prevail, only force will direct the interaction between diverging challenges.

The future is not territorial gain and realism hard power; it is more virtual technology and vital resources such as water and food. Soon dozens of metropolis exceeding 20 million people will be the global demographic reality, where sanity, nutrition, communication, viability, and education will represent the high end security.
The International crisis in Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Hong-Kong and Ukraine are directly or indirectly caused by events built from errors in governance.
The same goes for Iraq, Syria, Russia, Italy and in Lebanon a corrupt and ill fated banana republic , governed by cartels and networks of pirates and thieves.

We know that a government was voted in Baghdad and that the Iranian regime surprisingly discovered that having the US handling in Iraq, is much better than the IS in command.
Intelligence cooperation surfaced between the old foes and both happily discovered the importance of developing different areas of collaboration from security to trade, including sports and education.

While we learn about the successful surgery of the Supreme leader in Tehran, we hope that in the upcoming phase we can envisage a lucid transition in Syria and effective reforms in Lebanon spurred by a modern president.

Rationality indicates that the Iranian leadership needs to think for the succession and build a path similar to the Chinese generations steering the world grandest nation in exploring the 21st century.

From all the dust in the fields and the odors of flesh and death, canons and mortars financed by masters of deceit and treachery, necessarily the voice of reason will prevail.
Tomorrow the US president will unveil a strategy against the IS , and the less BARRY says the best it is, he better calls for the immediate election of the Lebanese president, a vacuum causing security imbalances in chancelleries worldwide.

Tehran knows very well that the elected president in Lebanon is a pillar in the construction of the Iranian stability and succession for the regime survival.

Tehran calls the shots in Beirut and we all know by now that the president has to be a unifying figure and a true reformer, gentle by nature and advocate of vision.

It will be no surprise if Lady Nadine Moussa will be elected before the FOMC meeting in December.

“Logic is the foundation of the certainty of all the knowledge we acquire.” Leonhard Euler

Thank You,