Open Letter to President Putin

March 22, 2012


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Русский: Эмблема Совета безопасности Российской Федерации English: Emblem Security Council of Russia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










Mr. President,

“ The Syrian regime did many mistakes . This is music to our ears. A presidential statement was issued in support of the UN envoy to Syria. Not enough. “

I will start my letter by wishing you success in your mandate and extending hope that you will definitely manage reforms and growth in your beloved nation. 

It is a fact that after two vetoes in the UNSC, the Russian stance vis a’ vis the Syrian theater is somehow evolving and this was proved by the presidential statement issued by the Security Council.

Yet this is not enough to resolve the impasse.

What is required Mr. Putin is that Russia leads positively the way in managing transition in Syria.

There is no better contribution to world peace than this Russian policy in this precise moment in global geopolitics.

While the Arab Plan and the Annan Plan are both to be considered without effective tools to be implemented, I tend to consider a Russian plan an utmost necessity.

The Russian plan can lay the following principles: Russian Air One will transport to exile the Assad family, a triumvirate composed of military/civilian personalities will act exerting the presidential powers ( a high ranking general, the female vice president and an opposition figure ) , a new cabinet will be formed , the parliament will be dissolved, all political prisoners will be freed, universal rights will be observed and respected, free municipal elections and following general elections will be implemented within two years.

The Russian plan will be the most influential act in geopolitics in the 21st century and its consequences will reverberate for many years to come.

In truth the Russian Plan will create a better environment to negotiate with Iran the nuclear file, it will convince both the US president and the Turkish leader meeting in South Korea to desist from escalatory actions (further steps) in Syria, it will help the Israeli Security circle to realize that diplomacy might well deliver results in the near future, and finally it will project a huge Russian soft power worldwide.

This is the role we long for Russia to play since many years in the international arena, this is the duality that world citizenry desire to have in strategic circles, where both the US and Russia will compete to install world peace and defend energy routes.  

Mr. President, there is not much time ahead, and I am keen to consider that the Syrian regime will do all possible to stay in power, they live in archaic caverns.

Only a Russian resolve leading a band-wagon “Friends of Syria” can project a solution.  

I call on you to declare the plan and to send your envoy to Syria to lead the initiative and spare further damage for all.

Russian failure, I am afraid will plunge the Middle East in the darkest era.  

“A reformer may well walk in difficult times to extricate mud waters, yet he will always reconsider and rehabilitate old policies”

Thank you,  


Open Letter to President Obama

March 13, 2012

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Mr. President,

“ The security and peace of the Middle East are in immediate and dire need of vision and consequential approach. These are times of pioneering and decisions“

Huge efforts were done to recover the US economy and to plan the withdrawal of troops from the theaters of Iraq and Afghanistan. A new military strategy was revealed and an emphasis on reaffirming the Atlantic alliance between the US and the UK was exerted.

All above is good news, if coupled with diminishing international tension to counter the oil price and to extend the tempo for job creation. Still there are differences in running for office in US states and projecting soft/hard power in the sovereign states of the world.

We all agree that there is an immense need for calm to permit an easy management of geopolitical events, yet two clocks are ticking, one is the murdering of the popular uprising in Syria and the other is the nuclear complexity in the Iranian file.

Let me be honest and say that in terms of deadlines, I prefer to side with the US in the divergent exercise of military options, but to no avail will Israel put aside its own decision in presence of lack in US resolve and clarity.

Hence, putting first things first there is no pressuring theater today than the Syrian one.

Only a successful assessment on which options to deploy in Syria, will reveal to be key for the second semester outcome.

The choice is between leading a military campaign by the US in Syria which will deter Iran significantly, or be obliged to control the conflagration spurred by an Israeli go solo attack on Iran.

I vividly ask you to take the first and limit the damage in these uncomfortable moments.

I ask you to lead a group of nations that will operate to establish and shield haven in Syria through an extensive aerial campaign, having as objective to disrupt, destroy and check the Assad killing machine until its defeat.

I am sure that many allies’ assets will be put at disposal to sustain immensely US efforts.

The main objective will be a new transitional Syrian administration assisted by the “Friends of Syria” that will take command and protect all communities, and liaise with China and Russia to secure their long term interests.

Mr. President, I am convinced that any delay to give the executive order to launch the operation that will support the Syrian population and avoid a major conflagration between Israel and Iran, will be extremely bad for the sake of the world.

“ Hope can never recede in presence of leaders looking after the collective needs and the converging interests of the world powers”     

Thank you,