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May 18, 2011

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Dear Reader,

Greetings and Good Day,

“Talking to America before it addresses the international community, is a pivotal and effective approach to include Arab, Muslim and poor countries aspirations in the world order”

In a fresh thought one can start talking to America by looking into its perspective and image in the globe.

While America reflects institutions, aid and cooperation, its sensed presence on the world stage often reveals injustice, oligarchy interests, profiteering and wars.

Getting closer to the world citizenry is not an easy task, as much as keeping a perch distance with the public opinion is not consequential for an American administration.

From here talking to America for a common citizen is an effort to highlight the gap and to soften the divisiveness.

I expect America to widen its role in leading and achieving global harmony, in preserving universal rights and in extending a joint platform with allies and other competing powers for a better and safer world.

It is no secret that focal points in turbulence are many and that several countries are under strain for different reasons. Mainly Asian and African continents are source of great concern in terms of demographic development and economic prosperity. However the core problem remains to create a peaceful geographic extension from Beijing to Anatolia, to Mecca and then to Indianapolis, passing by the silk road, and proceeding via Jerusalem, Damascus, Amman, the city of Ur and the Oceans.

I expect America to lead with other powers and ensure an environment facilitating peace.

Identifying three of the most crucial and intricate problems we can list Palestinian Nationhood, Arab democratic aspirations and Muslim participation in international institutions and governance.

As for Palestinian nation hood, I expect America to support a Palestinian state creation, to be declared in September, while refusing any form of intransigence and terror. Two states living side by side based on well known peace initiatives Arab and Israeli, is the only option for the future.

As for Arab democratic aspirations, I expect America to support all Arab citizens in their legitimate pursue of freedom, and to declare the illegitimacy of Bashar El -Assad and/or any other tyrant.

Furthermore to pave the way for the caravan of change to take its natural course, a transition that will lead all of us inevitably to a better Middle East.

Knowledge will expand opportunities and education will strengthen security.

Coming to Muslim participation in styling and rendering more instrumental growth for the communities, I expect America to encourage the birth of specialized joint institutions to generate better governance and establish more transparent rules in international markets.

It is commonly true to beleive that multiple economic hubs US, China, India, Germany, Japan, S Korea, Brazil, Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia, Israel and Lebanon will proceed into their leading role empowering prosperity.

The US Modern Grand Strategy implemented without fanfare, already lead the transition from mono-polar governance to multi-hub governance and will proceed in a charming offensive to secure balance and harmony.

Only the innovative approach in foreign affairs, can secure the peaceful conduit for soft and eased international relations.

Pillars will continue to be US full partnership with Russia, strategic cooperation with India, economic concert with China and empowerment of emerging powers.

Governance in the coming decade will focus on widening international trade, strengthening education exchange, monitoring immigration fluxes, achieving global security and securing food provisions. It will put in place a crisis management, ensure aid delivery, protect energy routes and innovate its clean resources. It will decrease currency fluctuations, introduce finance regulations, suggest reforms and gradually reduce debt, while allowing growth, exports and monitoring spending.

Two red lines will always persist, the security of the state of Israel and the sovereignty and liberal democracy of Lebanon. The multi-hub governance put in place by balancing nations Brazil, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Indonesia, UK, Norway, Qatar, EU ,China and Australia, will act in resonance to further contribute in the design of freedom expansion and peaceful harmony.

Any mischievous plans to push the Middle East into war will be countered and stopped, and all efforts will be made to maintain in place the two red lines.

Dialogue and national consensus, resulting in tutoring the interests of peace, justice, stability and liberty, will be the desired policy.

Any major conflagration that will result into fire and human losses will change irreversibly the geopolitical landscape and prospects a different strategic outcome.

Talking to America I stress the case that only regional Peace can create the right environment for democracy, justice, stability and reforms in the Levant.

I expect America to display the most formidable armada, fire power, diplomats, intelligence and assets to protect the vision of inclusion and enlargement of governance to all strata of the constituency.

“ In a connected world , the only option is to move forward hand in hand ”

Thank you,


Last Call, MEA CULPA

May 10, 2011

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Dear Reader,

Greetings and Good Day,

“A state policy in governance relies on an existing and empowered cabinet; any vacuum will pave the way for chaos, schism and strife”

While it is a fact that millions of Syrians are asking for their legitimate rights, the butchers of Damascus are applying violence as only measure to interact with the innocent population.

I do expect vividly that the international community will approve a UNSCR calling for the end of violence against the citizenry,exhort the ruthless regime to respect its own population and set a route for reforms.

It is time out for Bashar and Co., they exhausted our patience and they will face only one fate: defeat and replacement.

Assuming that the logic of the link in security between Lebanon and Syria is valid, a legitimate question arises.

Where are the Lebanese heads? Are they all in the sand?

What is the right thing to do for Mr Mikati today?

As we acknowledge that efforts made by the “New Majority” in Lebanon failed to form a cabinet, we expect Mr Mikati to excuse himself immediately and decline the job under actual circumstances.

Assuming the New Majority was put together to generate stability, it is a fact that it is not.

The last economic reports and all forecasts are leading to realize that a doom summer and a very bad second semester is expecting Lebanon, unless an immediate effort is done to form a unity cabinet.

Wishful thinking about technocrats can not work without a political will, and Lebanon has less than one month to decide about its future.

Hezbollah should better be humble and repent, declare its admission of culpability in several issues threatening the essence of the state security and open a new page for the best benefit of the collectivity.

A defense strategy must be achieved based on the absorption of non state militias into the army.

Mea Culpa” exerted by Hezbollah, will save Lebanon and will be the valve of security to tutor Lebanese interests, anything short of this will be useless.

Facelifts of many veterans such as Walid Beik, are ineffective and will do nothing, anything, but empower Hezbollah to proceed in its annexation of the Lebanese state in its own non-state entity.

Hezbollah after liberating south Lebanon is applying a contradictory strategy shaking the fundaments of the republic, leading to a shift in the regional equilibrium that will determine a confrontation and a conflagration.

This is a last warning to Hezbollah, repent, repent and repent.

This is also an official request to Mr Mikati to step down. A statesman can not hide and be an accomplice in acts of inhumanity.

What will follow is to acclaim a unity of Lebanese purpose and reform the national unity and harmony. A cabinet of unity will introduce reforms and the nation will go to general elections in 2013, failure to do so, will lead us all into hell.

This is a last warning to Lebanese communities and the collectivity as an all, to benefit from the window of opportunity today otherwise the integrity of peace will be doomed.

The interests of the Lebanese collectivity and of peace in the Middle East must gather to reinstate stability, justice, democracy and liberal rights.

Lebanon needs to agree on a defensive strategy to end all breaches against its sovereignty, it needs to define its relation with the state of Israel, it needs to put through an economic policy to strengthen prosperity and generate job opportunities, tackle its debt by controlling spending without affecting growth and increase its revenues by boosting tourism and investing on oil and gas production offshore.

Lebanon needs to render the civil society more cohesive and create a “commission for truth and peace” that will negotiate with the STL its own findings and support the repenting of all counterparts.

The cedar nation needs a creative outlook into the dynamics of the Middle East and transit itself from a static, erratic draw, into a fulcrum of expansion and wellness.

The constant must be to operate in governance to tutor all the citizens and revive the spirit and the soul of the citizenry and the civil society in a national togetherness based on a mechanism of tolerance and acceptance.

Any finding is pivotal for forgiveness and for righting the historic memory of the state. The objective of awareness is to build the exchange based on transparency.

Lebanon can not miss current opportunity to stabilize, become an “Orbi” parliament for world democracies, an investment platform for foreign funds and a pole for conventions specialized in liquids, finance, fashion and Jewelry.

As already cited in “Made in Lebanon” as a first step the PM designate Mr Najib Mikati, should step down, secondly new consultations will take place and Mr Mikati will be named by all parliamentary blocs, to form a new unity cabinet based on a formula of 10 – 10 – 10.

All ministers will be reconfirmed with the exception of Mr Hariri who will be replaced by Mr Mikati and Mr Salam to be replaced by Mr Saniora.

The mission of this cabinet will be to introduce few constitutional reforms, the referenda and the revision of some presidential powers; it will put also some positive restrictions on the speaker election, and pro-act possible laic reforms. It will nominate all state vacancies, approve a new electoral law (3 electoral tickets, South, Beirut and all the rest), and finalize a modern defense strategy that will put all non state arms and depots under the state aegis and control. Then submit it for national approval in referenda that will be conducted in concomitance with general elections in 2013.

Our duty is to form our own government with full autonomy and pave the way for the best environment in which hold the next general elections.

Lebanon needs to define its relation with Israel to eliminate any requirement for popular resistance; hence the government must embark on direct talks with the state of Israel setting the metrics for a just, lasting and comprehensive peace.

Following, Hezbollah must take its destiny in its Lebanese hands, cut its financial ties to Iran. The party of God should seize the unique option and the tended hand by other Lebanese to exit the stalemate and go on true coexistence to save itself and save Lebanon.

Israel will be put under strain and will be asked to honor the floated Israeli Peace Initiative as a follow up on the Arab Peace Initiative. This is an unrepeatable chance to achieve peace, and to obtain Shebaa farms and to draw the sea line for common projects of oil and gas extraction.

There is immediate need to detach Lebanon from any other theater and to get together to save the collectivity and create a national cupola, that will defend the state from any threat and danger.

Lebanon is the country of tolerance and peace, acceptance and love, therefore no one community can erase or efface any other, and our destiny is to live our memory of civil strife, and do all possible to offer future generations better chances to enforce the common good and the shared entirety of the population.

The ultimate purpose is to save Lebanon, the state and the civil society.

I call on the PM designate to decline the job, and on all Lebanese groups to agree on the future process leading to a new unified Lebanon, where Hezbollah will repent and become integrated in the strategic Lebanese interests.

The new Lebanese cabinet should be announced urgently, as Lebanon can not afford to succumb to a destiny of divisiveness and violence, which will threaten its status of being the homeland for tolerance, acceptance, openness and progress.

All Lebanese players must revise their positions, and get back to sanity, or else they will lose themselves and the constituency.

“Time is running out, wake up Hezbollah and Lebanon; liberation can not be followed by self-defeat”

Thank You,